Odds on Travis Kelce Proposing to Taylor Swift By Year's End

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Jordan Bach
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The Super Bowl may be over but that doesn't mean the betting on all things Taylor Swift has come to a close.  In fact, Gambling911.com can reveal that Taylor Swift prop bets will be offered throughout the year as a way to keep Swifites and would be Swifties fully satisfied in 2024.


The obvious odds that BetOnline expects to be in high demand: Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift by the end of 2024? 

A Gambling911 source tells us the 25-year-old gambling company fully realizes the marriage between pop culture and betting and intends to capitalize on these stories over the course of the year.

Already BetOnline offers close to two dozen entertainment-related prop bets, including box office wagering. 

The proposal prop bet was offered for the Super Bowl broadcast itself, however, we were only privy to Kelce telling Swift to "come on baby girl" after she came onto the field following the Chiefs overtime win over San Francisco Sunday night.

The so-called "showmance" was now a full fledged "romance".

Body language expert Judi James could be of some help for BetOnline creating these odds as well as gamblers taking action.

She told The Sun, "Travis must have been on the crest of an adrenaline wave here, celebrating a moment of sporting triumph that he's been training for all his life. When we're buzzing to that degree, it means stimulus around us tends to get 'turned off,' meaning we're virtually unaware of what is going on in that moment of virtual ecstasy."

BetOnline knows the power of well TAYLORED (ouch!) prop bets involving, not only entertainment, but politics and even infamy. 

Last month, BetOnline seemingly took a page from the Paddy Power playbook where that Irish-based company once offered props on all things Oscar Pistorius murder trial years prior (the "Will He Walk" Oscar promo during the Oscars stirred up a ton of controversy as Pistorius was known as the "fastest runner with no legs").  Pistorius was convicted of killing his then girlfriend model Reeva Steenkamp.

BetOnline taking bets on whose names would appear on the infamous Jeffrey Epstein List (he was a convicted sex trafficker of minors) drew record wagering for a non-sport event, Gambling911 sources tell us.

Last year, after former US President Donald Trump found himself indicted in Fulton County, Georgia for alleged election interference, BetOnline offered what at the time seemed like a rather unremarkable bet on the Over/Under Trump weight at the time of booking.  Media outlets across the world soon pounced on the wager option and BetOnline soon found its odds featured as the top headline on the Drudge Report.

Future offerings on Taylor and Kelce will include wedding odds and a Swift pregnancy, we are being told.  So stay tuned.

- Jordan Back, Gambling911.com

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