Odds on What Caused Massive Nationwide AT&T Outage

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Phone service has yet to be restored but gambling sites are already coming up with odds on what caused the massive phone outage that mostly affected AT&T customers in the United States early Thursday morning. 


Gambling911.com has drafted its own prices that take into account the world famous BetOnline alien invasion odds.

AT&T Outage Odds

Solar Flare -120

Internal System Failure(s) 3-1

Hacking Cyber Attack, Sabotage 4-1

Aliens 100-1


One thing is for sure, AT&T wasn't saying much the hours after the outage, which hit shortly after 4 am ET.

The telecommunications giant only said they are "working urgently" to fix the problem.

News outlets reported the likely cause to be a solar flare but that likely would have knocked out service worldwide, and not just AT&T.  There were reports of scattered outages affecting Verizon and T-Mobile customers, but this did not appear to be as wide spread and is believed to mostly be a result of customers having issues attempting to call AT&T subscribers.

AT&T reported that nearly three quarter of affected customers service had been restored shortly after Noon ET.

With "The World Ending" headline blaring over Drudge by late Wednesday morning, BetOnline tells Gambling911.com they did have a few folks placing bets on their alien invasion odds, which became popular following the recent unsealing of documents pertaining to UFOs and alien abductions.


According to DownDetector, over 70,000 customers were reporting outages on the AT&T network shortly before 11 am ET but that number is obviously much higher based on the amount of reports coming in.

Nationwide, 911 operators have warned that the outage has impacted their ability to take calls.

Also happening Thursday, Pharmacies all over the country are experiencing delays in prescription orders due to outages at one of the biggest healthcare technology companies in the nation, Change Healthcare, which the company confirmed to be a cyberattack.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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