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The world of online casinos is huge. These days, there are literally thousands on websites that offer such a service and logically, many players feel a little bit confused. With such a great choice, it’s hard to make the right decision and pick the best casino to play on. Fortunately, today’s market is also full of affiliate websites, which help players to find the perfect fit for them.

Among numerous names in the business, Foxbonus is one of the youngest comparison websites around. However, it’s growing at a pretty fast pace. This small company started in Canada, but it now offers reviews of online casinos across 14 countries.

Why this affiliate website is getting more and more recognition? What makes it special? We’ve tried to find out in a quick chat with the three guys that are behind this small but fast-growing affiliate website – editor Hector Brown, administrative executive Greg Burton, and Jordan Sanchez, who is the main marketing guy.

Let’s start with the most obvious question. Where did the idea to run an online casino comparison website come from?

Greg: Well, I can’t remember the exact date, but I know that this idea was in my head for a long time before I started to work on it. Comparison websites aren’t a new thing, they have been around for years, but I felt that I could bring up a completely different type of quality to customers.

Jordan: As Greg has just said, we wanted to give more, to give something better to customers. At the time, we noticed that most comparison websites had way too admiring content, which was all about praise. There was no real comparison between websites and we wanted to come up with a critical, honest point of view. Looking from today’s perspective, I think we did a good job and that’s probably the reason why more and more people look for information on our website.

Foxbonus has been around for a while. Are you satisfied with the way and with the speed it’s been developing so far, and does it look different from what you initially expected?

Jordan: It definitely looks different from what I was projecting in my head, hehe. We didn’t have big expectations in the beginning and things started to develop pretty fast. I’m definitely satisfied with the website and I have no doubt that we will continue to grow at the same pace.

Hector: When I joined Greg and Jordan, Foxbonus was a pretty fresh website but I’ve noticed that it’s growing pretty quickly. After just a few words with the guys, I had no doubt that this would be one very successful project. Moreover, things turned out way better than I was expecting back then.

What separates Foxbonus from other comparison sites? 

Greg: I believe that the main reason why people visit our website is the quality of our content. We are giving our best to provide comprehensive reviews and then comparisons. We’ve noticed that most comparison websites evaluate online casinos by just a couple of criteria, such as bonuses and the number of games. We wanted to give something more, to offer full information that covers all aspects of every casino, including those that most people usually neglect.

Jordan: Quality is the key, without any doubt. I believe that our quality comes from the fact that we evaluate every website in accordance with the specifics of a certain market. As you know, we compare online casinos in different parts of the world and it’s important to understand that players from different countries have different needs and preferences. Also, we are trying to provide the highest bonuses for users who get to a certain online casino by using our directions.

Are there new markets in your plans?

Hector: We are currently present in 14 countries, from different parts of the world and, of course, our ambition is to continue with expansion. However, we don’t push things too hard. So, before we move forward to the new markets, we want to reach the highest possible level of quality in the current ones. Our team is small, so it’s hard to expect some super-fast expansion in a short time.

Jordan: As probably the most ambitious guy in this team, my task is to push other guys to overachieve themselves. Therefore, the only thing you will hear from me is that we are planning a huge expansion for this year, to retain and improve our position on the current markets, as well as to conquer the new ones.

What trends do you see in the online casino market for 2022?

Greg: The online casino market is currently in a big swing. The market is growing rapidly, and there are several reasons for such a trend. Of course, there is the Coronavirus, which has brought tons of new online casino players, but we shouldn’t neglect the technological advance either. Online gambling is accessible to anyone who has a mobile device. Personally, I expect to see further growth of the market but I don’t believe that any radical changes could occur in this year.

Hector: Considering that more and more players are turning to mobile devices, I presume that the focus will be on providing the best possible user experience on these devices. This would mean tons of new games designed especially for smartpones, specific bonus offers and similar things. I also believe that this and next year could bring a big breakthrough in terms of VR technology, which would bring online gambling to the next level.

Where do you see Foxbonus in five years?

Greg: Given the rapid growth of the online casino we are witnessing these days, five years from now seems like a very distant future. Therefore, it’s hard to imagine how the market will look in 2027. The only thing I’m sure about is that my team and I will give our best effort to provide our readers with the best possible quality.

Hector: Just like Greg said, it’s hard to make long-term plans in this situation. We rather consider this a chess game, where you have to adapt to every change in the industry. We play one move by one, and we are trying to make each one our best one.

Jordan: As one of the leaders among trustworthy online casino comparison websites.

Visit if you want to get in contact with the team or to find a casino bonus in any of the 14 counties shown on the homepage. 

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