Understanding the Popularity Behind Aviator Games in 2023

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Word on online casino streets has it that aviator games are the hottest gaming options.

To some gamers, they’re the trendy new game in town, and this “phase” will pass. But even if that were the case, for a game that was launched in 2019 to have the casino space in a chokehold is such an impressive feat.

What about these games has made them so popular in such a short period? 

The Aviator game is a new social multiplayer game launched by Ukrainian company Spribe in 2019. The game features an ascending virtual plane that may fly away or crash anytime. But, for every moment the plane spends in the air, a multiplier scale representing more potential wins increases.

So here’s the catch:

A player has to predict how long the lucky plane will remain airborne before it flies away or crashes, and cash out before this happens. The player wins if the plane reaches the predicted height before flying away. Alternatively, the player can also decide to wait for as long as it stays in the air. However, if the plane flies away or crashes without reaching that specified height, then the player loses. And it’s a fast-paced game: all of this occurs within 5 - 30 seconds!

The Aviator game combines simplicity with an adrenaline-pumping gambling experience. These two features of video gaming and online gambling combine to deliver an exciting playing experience. This best-of-both-worlds experience makes the game unique. As a result, it thrills the audience and leaves a lasting memory for first-timers.

The gaming process begins when a player selects an aircraft and gaming difficulty and then places a bet based on their prediction. The aircraft model takes off once that is locked in, and the odds pile up. This very short period where the sky bird is airborne is where the player decides their fate: Cash out the little winnings now, or hold on for a few more seconds for more money?

When the plane crashes or flies away, the player will know if they’ve lost or won, and the process can be repeated for as long as they’re interested. Aviator games are played in real-time non-stop all day, every day. These non-stop gaming rounds create a real-time playing experience instead of the feeling of playing against a bot, which is often associated with most online casino games.

Straightforward right?

The game’s simplicity is one of the first reasons behind its popularity. So, it appeals to a wide range of gambling audiences who only want to place bets with little or no hassle, skill, or strategy involved.

Even though the process is straightforward, it is still associated with thrill and suspense. Players contemplate when to cash out depending on the plane’s trajectory. This feeling keeps them glued to their screens as their winnings are literally in their hands (or fingertips). It almost feels like a gaming adventure.

Although the gameplay process sounds both straightforward and thrilling, the winning possibilities have a greater pull on most players. Aviator games have a theoretical average return-to-player rate of 97%. This RTP rate implies that they pay out 97 cents to players for every $1 of bets placed in general. Coupled with this high RTP rate is an astronomical jackpot potential that will make any gambler wonder, “What if I win.” They allow players to win up to 20,000 times their initial bet. For context, a player placing a $10 bet could win $200,000.

Of course, this doesn’t happen every day. The gaming odds are randomized based on the “Provably Fair” cryptography technology. This technology shuffles the odds of each gaming round to ensure casino servers or any other third-party program does not generate them. The Provably Fair technology generates results and multipliers for each game using random number generators (RNG). This system allows players to verify their bets with the help of cryptographic hash functions. Nonetheless, the possibility exists, and an immense winning opportunity will always attract any win-focused gambler.

Autoplay and auto cash-out features also make aviator games popular among players. The autoplay feature allows players to place bets automatically without pressing the cashout button in each round. Conversely, the auto cash-out feature helps them set a pre-set winning sum to withdraw their winnings. So, convenience, reduced frustration, and multitasking are thrown into the mix. Players can select a specified amount of game rounds they want to wager on alongside their staking and cash-out options without direct involvement. As such, they can check their winnings and losses at intervals. This way, they don't need to deal with the adrenaline rush, frustrations of failures, and losing focus from work.

Both these features give players a more significant winning advantage at the start of each round.

To further add to that advantage, Aviator games also have an in-game chatting option. The functionality allows players to communicate with each other and with moderators. As a result, they can further boost their winning chances by getting tips from others and staying within gaming rules by chatting with moderators.

This social interaction benefit helps to promote a sense of community amongst players. The community building is done through organized friendly competitions and leaderboard displays where players can see how much other players won on previous rounds, or when they cashed out during the current game. What this shows is that Aviator games are becoming popular because of features that enable the growth of an active community of players. Speaking of vibrant communities, the online crypto casino community is one very fond of Aviator games. Since the games allow players to place their bets with Bitcoin, many gaming platforms want to integrate them.

And this is evident in their popularity across various betting sites worldwide. Their compatibility with both web and mobile versions further fosters this spread. Aviator games are built with lower bandwidth, unlike most other casino games. As a result, they can be played on most devices, thus making them accessible to a vast audience. Their simple graphics compared to some video slots or live dealer games means you don’t need a top-of-the-range device to play.

Uniqueness, potential for large payouts, simple gameplay, in-game tournaments, and an active community are primary reasons drawing attention toward aviator games. Nonetheless, they’re still a game of chance whose primary aim is to provide players with non-stop entertainment. Therefore, it is advisable to play in demo mode to get a good feel of the gameplay. Doing this will help in protecting yourself from financial risk. You can also use Aviator bonuses and rewards to minimize the financial burden and boost your potential warnings. As with any other gambling activity, implement proper bankroll management strategies and know when to take a step backward.


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