Unveiling CasinoTopsOnline: A Deep Dive for Savvy Casino Gamers

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In the casino industry, you can find a range of affiliate sites that partner with online casinos and provide information to the general public on topics such as payment methods, casino reviews and game guides. 

Think of them as being like a travel agent or middleman – the affiliate company does all the leg work and finds the best casino deals and info for you. This means your work is drastically reduced, and instead of trawling through different casinos, you can simply pick one from an affiliate site and get straight to the action.

CasinoTopsOnline is one such platform and they have been established since 2011. I’ve recently been checking out this casino affiliate to see how their information holds up and whether they are a credible source in the industry. I’ve created an in-depth review below that looks at important factors like how they rate casinos, the usability of their site and the quality of their content.

Website design

I like my sites to look nice, so I spent time assessing the design. It’s nothing flashy for sure, and a little basic, but it gets the job done. I feel that on one hand, the site could do with some more images, such as on the headers of articles, but at the same time, the approach they’ve taken puts the emphasis on the content, which isn’t a bad thing.

The structure of the articles is easy to follow and they use clear headings to break up the walls of text. I also like the widget at the start of the pages called What’s on This Page – this shows the different headings with inline links so you can skip to the content you most benefit from.



Most people use smartphones for web browsing so it’s important for casino affiliate sites to be mobile friendly. I tested CasinoTopsOnline on my iPhone using Safari and it worked perfectly. The layout shrinks automatically and the loading time of the pages was still lightning fast.

I could still access the different content sections easily, and the reviews and info pages displayed fine too. It looks like they’ve done a great job with the mobile accessibility.

The desktop version works fine too and I like how the layout is adaptive, with the different elements moving if you resize your browser. The technical aspects of the website look solid and the loading time on standard browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera was excellent.


Credibility / team info

The team behind CasinoTopsOnline appears to hail from all parts of the world and they have three dedicated offices. I checked out the people who appear to be the main content contributors – Giuseppe Faraone, Kevin Flynn and Emma Crossick.

I like that each team member has a dedicated profile page where you can learn more about them, and they all have years of experience in the iGaming industry. Many of them have a personal interest in the subject too, which I find always helps.

I found them to be authentic, and it’s clear they care about the business and want to help people improve their knowledge about online casinos.


Their approach to content

CasinoTopsOnline uses what they call a TopsRank. This is their rating system for online casinos and I found this interesting. From what I can see, they actually have a range of criteria they look at, and use analytics to determine which platforms are worthwhile – they don’t just recommend their affiliate partners, which many of the less scrupulous affiliate sites do.

I delved into this TopsRank a little deeper and they look at the following factors when rating a platform:

  • Validity of the gambling license.
  • Game selection.
  • Game software developers.
  • Opinions from other customers.
  • Available bonuses.
  • T&Cs of the bonuses.
  • Banking (available payment methods and processing speeds).
  • VIP club.
  • Promotion of responsible gambling.
  • Fairness.
  • Customer service.
  • Reputation.


This list essentially covers what I would look for when picking an online casino. It’s logical and is a comprehensive checklist. The only thing I didn’t see was accounting for the security of the online casino – this is something I usually consider, and as a bare minimum, I look for an SSL certificate and an encrypted connection.

Aside from the above list, they have a range of analytical tools too, including the Wilson score interval, Item Response Theory, Cluster Analysis and Bayesian averages. I don’t really understand what these things mean but from their explanation, I gathered that they essentially use real stats and figures to give weighting to their scores and add additional credibility.


Website content analysis

That’s the generic business and website info done with, so let’s look at the website content. A casino affiliate is only as good as the quality of its written content! Without well-written, accurate articles that provide real user value, these sites are essentially useless. Below, I reviewed the main factors I look for when trying casino affiliate content.




I hate reading affiliate sites that have misleading or inaccurate info – it defeats the whole object of these sites. For example, you often get bonuses pages with bonuses that never existed, or payment pages with casinos that don’t have that payment method. It’s so annoying!

I couldn’t find any instances of this with CasinoTopsOnline. The bonus information they provided is up to date most of the time, and the terms and conditions were accurate to the T&Cs on the actual casino promotion pages. I also found the categorisation of the bonuses to be spot on – if they stated it was a free spin offer, it was.

The info on the different game guides was accurate, too. For example, the different slots pages usually contain info on the RTP and volatility of the games. I did some fact-checking and cross-referenced their figures with those of the software developers, and they matched up.

In short, the content is accurate, so you can trust that what you are reading is true!


Writing quality


I’m a stickler for writing quality, so I spend too much time looking for spelling and grammar errors, and checking the basic sentence structure. I read a lot of the reviews and content at CasinoTopsOnline, and the writing quality held up well. From a proofreading perspective, it’s spot on and I found no errors.

The sentence structure is generally short and snappy and the paragraphs are easy to read. There was a little bit of “fluff” in some areas of the text and I felt like some of the headings were unnecessary and just used as filler. But overall, the writing quality made the articles easy to follow and provided important information.

I noticed that some of the team members are not native English speakers/writers and in some cases, this can show in the sentence structure and incorrect use of words, but I couldn’t find any evidence of this at CasinoTopsOnline. The writing read logically and had no syntax errors.


Usefulness of information


I don’t jump onto affiliate sites for fun – I want content that I can take something tangible from and use to find a better gaming experience. This boils down to the usefulness of the articles and I found the content at CasinoTopsOnline to be generally well presented and of worth.

For example, the casino reviews have actual sections that I will benefit from, such as a breakdown of the available games and the banking information. Similarly, the different bonus pages show me a nice list of welcome bonuses I can claim – but also explain their terms and conditions so I know exactly what to expect.

I found some of the info less useful, like information on payment methods and instructions on how to sign up to a casino. But I think that’s because I know what I’m doing and I only ever use a credit card for payments – I’ve registered for plenty of online services before, so the process isn’t new to me. I can see the usefulness for a newbie, though – someone who is trying an online casino for the first time.


Areas covered


Lastly, I checked the main categories and areas this affiliate platform covers. Some affiliate sites specialize in specific areas like bonuses, but CasinoTopsOnline takes a broader approach. It covers all of the important topics I would expect relating to iGaming, including:


  • Casino reviews.
  • Different types of casinos.
  • Payment methods.
  • Casino promotions and bonuses.
  • Game guides.
  • Trust and safety.
  • Responsible gambling.


For me, I find info on bonuses, casino reviews and game guides useful, so CasinoTopsOnline covered everything I needed. Each of the above sections is detailed and leaves no stone unturned. For example, the payment methods section provides info on all common payment methods, such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Neteller, credit cards and debit cards.

The game guides are well developed too, although I couldn’t find a section relating to live dealer games. This is an area that could do with improvement, as 99% of US casinos have live casino games as a dedicated category and this type of immersive experience is becoming more and more popular. 


CasinoTopsOnline – a reliable trove of gambling information

I hope you’ve gained insight into what CasinoTopsOnline offers and whether you can benefit from the info it offers. I enjoyed creating this review and learned a great deal from reading the guides and reviews. The content helped me pick out some new casinos to try, and also improved my knowledge about responsible gambling tools.

There are some minor issues, such as the long lists of casinos breaking up the content, and the layout of some of the pages, but the main takeaway is that I found the site to be credible, providing accurate information that customers can benefit from.


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