Why Elk Studios’ Online Slots from the Nitropolis Series are a Must-Play

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In the dystopian world of Elk Studios’ Nitropolis series, humans have ceased to exist. Lions, elephants, and other creatures no longer roam the Earth. Raising havoc in the wastelands is a wacky bunch of canines, felines, and rodents grouped into four riotous clans - The Dirty Dawgs, the Gritty Kitties, the Pug Thugs, and the Rogue Rats.

They all compete for the green, gooey Nitro that fuels their car, and for absolute authority. And wherever they go, tales of their ‘dog eat dog’ saga spread far and wide. However, only one of them can rule the roost of this cacotopia.

Well, that’s the basis of every Nitropolis slot from the Swedish provider with a little twist. At the time of writing this article, 3 such rabid slots exist, the third one being a fresh April 2022 release. If you are an online slot player, miss none because according to the makers, they are so awesome even Satan himself would play! What are we but mere mortals?

Each of them is a 6-reel 4-row slot with a default 4096 ways to win. However, all of them come with numerous defining features that have the potential to lead to explosive wins. A special and well-deserved mention goes to the Nitro Reels™ mechanic, which when activated, takes the basic 4096 ways to win to a massive number!

In Nitropolis - the original slot game, it expands up to 85,155,840 ways to win. If you thought that’s bonkers, wait for Nitropolis 2 where the Nitro Reels™ unlock up to a whopping 191,102,976 ways to win! While we thought the daddy of them all would arrive in Nitropolis 3 and reach and breach this number, it has been reduced to ‘only’ a million ways to win - which is sad, but still a staggering figure.

If we compare this payline mechanic to BTG’s MegaWays™ random reel modifier mechanic, we’d say it exceeds expectations by serious margins and is conducive to a heavily dynamic gameplay. On a lighter note, Elk Studios’ Nitro Reels™ are BTG’s MegaWays™ running on crack.

For the uninitiated, they are a unique feature exclusive to these slots by Elk Studios. When they land, they cover two rows with identical symbols stacked into each. The number of symbols range from 4 to 12. Activated Nitro Reels™ are represented by pipes with green borders with a number on top, which represents the number of matching symbols packed into it.

What’s interesting about Nitro Reels™ is they can randomly upgrade to represent more of the same symbols, thus increasing the ways to win. They can also randomly respin at the end of a spin that doesn’t land a win, thus offering the player a second chance.

Those are not the only tricks up the Nitro Reels™ sleeves. In the bonus game of the slots, this feature comes in the form of sticky Nitro Reels™ that remain locked in place for the rest of the spins during the round. For new players, these features might seem confusing at the beginning, but as you play, you’d understand and appreciate their incredibility.

The Nitro Booster is a welcome feature in Nitropolis 2. The green ones affect the Nitro Reels™ in the same column while the gold ones affect all Nitro Reels™. Overall, it offers variety with its 8 modifiers that include upgrading the number of symbols to triggering sticky wilds, respins, and Both Ways payouts.

Other awesome features of these slots include the Buy Bonus in Nitropolis 1 and X-iter™ in Nitropolis 2 and 3. The former lets you buy your way into the slot’s bonus game. You would be able to enter either the standard bonus or the super bonus where a retrigger is guaranteed with an extra scatter-paying symbol thrown into the round.

On the other hand, X-iter™ in the sequels is a shortcut to entertainment. It allows players to replay their favorite scenarios through a selection of predefined modes.

Nitropolis 2 has 5 of them, which include a 5x bet with a guaranteed win and a 500x bet Super Bonus. Nitropolis 3, too, has 5 such modes, which include a 2x bet with a doubled chance to trigger the Bonus and a 500x bet Super Bonus with 8 rows and the Both Ways feature activated.

Talking about the graphics, it looks like Elk Studios draws inspiration heavily from Mad Max. Nitropolis 1 slot come with comic-book style graphics, graffiti-style card icons, a mushroom cloud, and a V8 engine! At the backdrop are metal towers set in an industrial complex.

The graphics of Nitropolis 2 slot gets even grittier and better! The background bespeaks the futuristic city screaming for a cleanup by Sergeant Nitro Wolf. Nitropolis 3 slot has a relaxing (but still post-apocalyptic) backdrop of what looks like a beach. Perhaps the clans got tired of their own BS and decided to flee Nitropolis for good! Their business, of course, remains.

The high-octane soundtrack of each slot energizes and excites players to spin the reels. You can play Nitropolis 1, 2, and 3 by Elk Studios across PCs and mobiles without a glitch. The bet range for the first two games range between $0.20 and $100. For Nitropolis 3, the range is $0.20 to $50.

RTP of Nitropolis 1 is 96.1% while that of Nitropolis 2 and 3 is 95%. This seems to be in line with the trend of RTP less than 96% in slots released after 2021. The volatility of Nitropolis 1 and 3 range between medium to high while that of Nitropolis 2 is high. You wouldn’t win frequently, but when you do, the wins would be crazy - another reason to play these slots right away.

If you want to try any or all of the Nitropolis slots without risking too much money, your best bet is a minimum deposit casino. Such casinos set measly deposit limits so newbies and players on a budget can register and enjoy casino gambling without having to spend a lot.

Go face the future! Give all the Nitropolis slots a shot! You don’t want to miss out on serious fun, do you?


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