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With the 2023 college football season wrapped up, we now get to feast on a jam-packed three weeks of bowl games!


The bowl schedule boasts 42 matchups from December 16 to January 1 (not including the national championship on Jan. 8).

Our sportsbook unveiled game lines for nearly all of the bowls Monday morning. All but one game (Celebration Bowl) has a spread, and there is a dozen or so that still don't have game totals.

And to no one's surprise, Iowa's matchup against Tennessee has created one of the lowest totals ever for a bowl game. Last year, Iowa and Kentucky had a 31.5-point total, which was tied for the lowest of any bowl since 2000 (and it went OVER with a 20-17 final).

This year, the Hawkeyes, who have played to the under eight straight games, have a 35.5-point total against the Vols, which is the second-lowest total during the last 22 seasons.

Finally, the Georgia-Florida State spread certainly shows you were the oddsmakers view the Seminoles after their CFP “snub.” Georgia opened as a 13-point favorite against FSU, and it has already moved to -14.

Bowl odds are extremely volatile so there are notes on which spreads have moved since opening.


Jacksonville State vs. UL Lafayette (+2.5)

Over/Under: 56

(Note: Opened Jax State -1.5)


Miami-Ohio vs. Appalachian State (-3.5)

Over/Under: 48.5


New Mexico State vs. Fresno State (+3)

Over/Under: 51.5

(Note: Opened NMSU -2)


UCLA vs. Boise State (+1.5)

Over/Under: 50.5

(Note: Opened UCLA -3)


Cal vs. Texas Tech (-3)

Over/Under: 58.5


Georgia Southern vs. Ohio (-2.5)

Over/Under: 54.5


Howard vs. Florida A&M (OTB)

Over/Under: OTB


Western Kentucky vs. Old Dominion (-1)

Over/Under: 54.5

(Note: Opened WKU -2.5)


UTSA vs. Marshall (+9.5)

Over/Under: OTB

(Note: Opened UTSA -10.5)


Syracuse vs. South Florida (+4.5)

Over/Under: OTB


UCF vs. Georgia Tech (+4.5)

Over/Under: OTB


Duke vs. Troy (-3)

Over/Under: OTB


Arkansas State vs. Northern Illinois (-2.5)

Over/Under: OTB


James Madison vs. Air Force (+4)

Over/Under: OTB


Georgia State vs. Utah State (-3.5)

Over/Under: OTB


South Alabama vs. Eastern Michigan (+17)

Over/Under: OTB


Utah vs. Northwestern (+11.5)

Over/Under: v


Coastal Carolina vs. San Jose State (-8.5)

Over/Under: 54

(Note: Opened SJSU -7)


Kansas vs. UNLV (+11.5)

Over/Under: 65

(Note: Opened Kansas -10)


Bowling Green vs. Minnesota (-5.5)

Over/Under: OTB


Texas State vs. Rice (+1)

Over/Under: OTB


Virginia Tech vs. Tulane (+2.5)

Over/Under: OTB


North Carolina vs. West Virginia (+2.5)

Over/Under: OTB


Louisville vs. USC (-3.5)

Over/Under: OTB


Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State (+5)

Over/Under: OTB


Arizona vs. Oklahoma (+3)

Over/Under: 62.5

(Note: Opened Arizona -1)


SMU vs. Boston College (+10.5)

Over/Under: 52.5

(Note: Opened SMU -9.5)


Rutgers vs. Miami (-9.5)

Over/Under: OTB


NC State vs. Kansas State (-6.5)

Over/Under: OTB


Clemson vs. Kentucky (+6.5)

Over/Under: 48

(Note: Opened Clemson -7)


Notre Dame vs. Oregon State (+8)

Over/Under: OTB


Memphis vs. Iowa State (-6.5)

Over/Under: 58

(Note: Opened Iowa State -6)


Missouri vs. Ohio State (-3)

Over/Under: 49

(Note: Opened Ohio State -6)


Ole Miss vs. Penn State (-3.5)

Over/Under: 49

(Note: Opened Penn State -4)


Auburn vs. Maryland (+2.5)

Over/Under: 48.5

(Note: Opened Auburn -1)


Georgia vs. Florida State (+14)

Over/Under: 45

(Note: Opened Georgia -13)


Toledo vs. Wyoming (+6)

Over/Under: OTB


Wisconsin vs. LSU (-10.5)

Over/Under: 54.5


Iowa vs. Tennessee (-7.5)

Over/Under: 35.5


Liberty vs. Oregon (-14.5)

Over/Under: 65


Alabama vs. Michigan (-1.5)

Over/Under: 46.5

(Note: Opened Michigan -2)


Texas vs. Washington (+4)

Over/Under: 64.5

(Note: Opened Texas -5)

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