Patriots Fire Bill Belichick Odds Still Quite Long

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Dan Shapiro
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The second casualty of the NFL coaching carousel came down Monday morning with the axing of Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich and guess who's next up on the firing line according to the oddsmakers?


If you guessed New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, you would be wrong.  He's actually at 20-1 odds.  The favorite is Brandon Staley, head coach of the LA Chargers.  Yeah, he's our favorite too after Sunday night's losing pick.

This doesn't mean folks aren't betting on Belichick to go next.  The Twitterverse certainly does.

The marketing team at BetOnline conducted a study to figure out which New England states want Bill Belichick fired and which states want to keep him.

The study was formulated by extrapolating geotagged Twitter data during the last 30 days. They used an API tool to track tweets, hashtags and direct keyword phrases about keeping or firing Bill Belichick.

For example, #FireBill, #FireBelichick, #FireBillBelichick, #KeepBelichick, #KeepBill, "fire Bill Belichick," "keep Bill Belichick," etc. were used in the analysis.

More than 100,000 tweets were tracked in total across the six states.

Here is a look at the map, followed by the odds for each vulnerable head coach:


These odds were as of November 27, 2023.  It would not be until January 11, 2024 that Belichick and the Patriots would announce they are parting ways.

Next NFL Head Coach Fired

Brandon Staley             1/2

Ron Rivera                    2/1

Matt Eberflus                7/1

Todd Bowles                 12/1

Kevin Stefanski             14/1

Dennis Allen                 16/1

Bill Belichick                  20/1

Pete Carroll                  33/1

Belichick currently has 20/1 odds to be the next head coach fired.

Additionally, there are odds for who will be the head coach in Foxboro should Belichick and the Patriots decide to part ways. And there are also odds for Bill's next stop.

- Dan Shapiro,

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