Penn State’s Questionable Touchdown in Garbage Time Raises Eyebrows With Gamblers

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Don Shapiro
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No. 7 Penn State opened the 2023 college football season with a 38-15 win over West Virginia.


The Nittany Lions were favored by 20.5 points going into the game and just managed to cover in the final seconds thanks to a touchdown in garbage time that had some gamblers scratching their heads (maybe not those who ultimately won their bet)

It went down like this, courtesy of the New York Post:

With 13 seconds left in the fourth quarter and the Nittany Lions facing second-and-goal while up 31-15, Penn State opted not to take a knee and run out the clock.

Instead, backup quarterback Beau Pribula took the snap and found the end zone.

The extra point was good, and Penn State had its 38-15 win.

BetRivers, which operates its mobile sportsbook out of Pennsylvania, tweeted various memes after that outcome.

Jimmy Jack on Twitter suggested the play was more about padding stats than trying to cover a particular line.

"That’s why you don’t bet college football. It’s not the NFL, it’s all about padding the teams stats. Same thing happened in Penn state game to get the over. Btw are they watching the game in a barber shop?"

Recky Rodriguez, who cashed out on the bet, agreed.

"And it seems legit: Penn State wants the backup to get some real action; they’re not up a ton where this is like 1,000% rub it the other team’s face; and, hey, Penn State fans probably tend to bet on State not against."

JM on Twitter thought otherwise.

"Yeah, the coach that pulled his starters up 24 half way through the fourth definitely had a bet on Penn State to cover 20.5. For sure."

- Don Shapiro,

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