PointsBet Staffer Caroline Weeks Groped By Horny Male Clients Lawsuit Contends

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Jagajeet Chiba
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A PointsBet staffer, Caroline Weeks deemed as "“the new Paige Spiranac" has accused the company of ignoring sexual harassment against her.  Spiranac is known is an American social media personality, golf instructor, and former professional golfer.  She's also a PointsBet employee who was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and regularly flaunts her cleavage.  Weeks is also a notable social media influencer with over 32,000 Instagram followers.

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Unfortunately she made the mistake of going to work for PointsBet, a sports betting site now owned by Fanatics that once thought having Drew Brees get struck by lightning and presumably dying might make for a cool stunt.  It did not.

Weeks says the sexual harassment endured during her time with the Austalian-based gambling company culminated in an incident in Atlantic City, when Caroline Weeks claims a drunken customer of PointsBet USA repeatedly tried to touch her, then stalked her thereafter.

“I broke down that evening,” she told The Post. “I felt completely alone in that moment and my privacy was just utterly forgotten about. . . . It was scary, when you’re dealing with intoxicated men who are much bigger than you and older than you. I think people who don’t understand the word ‘no’ are dangerous people.”


Weeks worked for PointsBet a mere ten months - ten months too long in our opinion.

The 25-year-old was hired by the company as a senior player development manager.  PointsBet may know the meaning of limiting players when it comes to their bet amounts, but apparently not when it comes to badgering and groping female employees.  She claims in her recently filed suit, this started almost immediately.

They would take selfies with her without asking and taunt her with comments like, “You got this job because you’re hot” and “So, you’re like the new Paige Spiranac.”

Another client attempted to kiss her after a dinner meeting in Manhattan, the lawsuit claims.

One client earned a round of laughter on the golf course after declaring, “If I get the ball in the hole, Caroline gives me a b—job.”

“With Paige, she chooses to monetize her image, her personality, and body. I get it. She has the looks and she chose to run with it. Me, however, I have a completely different job. I wasn’t there to be a glamorized poster girl for the job, I was there to do a job and do it professionally. . . . My job was to not to get a flirt on with clients.”

She claims the company sat back and did nothing.

Weeks is asking for unspecified damages.


“I think you’d be a fool to think that I deserved sex harassment based on the images I share on social media,” she said. “It’s not OK — a real man would know that.”

“You don’t surrender your rights to be free of sexual harassment” by posting on social media, said her lawyer, Rachel Haskell.

PointsBet's own Code of Content points out that "sexual harassment is an unwelcome sexual advance" and forbidden, but that only pertains to employees.

A PointsBet spokesman told the Post the company does have “a zero-tolerance policy with regard to harassment and we take these matters very seriously” but failed to elaborate any further.

In addition to the bonehead Brees commercial, another Pointsbet ad was deemend "most offensive" by Australia's Ad Standards for mocking Australians. The ad starred Shaquille O'Neal speaking with an exaggerated Australian accent. 

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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