20 Hottest Poker Babes Who Could Win The 2010 WSOP But Didn’t

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C Costigan
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Shannon Elizabeth

The Bleacher Report put out a story this week regarding some of today’s hottest female poker players and how one of them could ultimately go on to win the 2010 World Series of Poker. But in the immortal words of 2007 World Series of Poker Europe main event winner Annette Obrestad “Women suck at playing poker”.

Well, they suck when it comes to the World Series of Poker main event in the States at least.

By the time we reached just over 200 players still lasting in the event, all but one was a man.

Congrats to Breeze Zuckerman, the last woman standing in this year’s WSOP main event. She didn’t quite make the Bleacher Report’s 20 Hottest Poker Babes Who Could Win the 2010 WSOP, but here’s who did:

Isabelle Mercier demonstrated that she could eat a banana almost as good as Johnny Chan (who was very much in the thick of the competition at press time)

“I can not imagine anyone at that table being able to focus on their cards,” wrote Thomas Delatte of the Bleacher Report.

But they were and Mercier busted pretty earlier. Epic fail!

Jennifer Tilly, the Bride of Chucky, was axed almost at the start of the tournament. And, for all you horny bastards out there, Ms. Tilly’s publicist confirmed to Gambling911.com that the actress has never kissed another girl. So get that fantasy out of your heads boys!

Then there is everyone’s favorite female poker player (except for maybe Howard Lederer), Clonie Gowen, who Delatte claims can do anything. No literally, she can do anything you ask her to do.

She has won Miss Teen Oklahoma when she was 15, played varsity basketball in high school, and was a high jumper.

She didn't even play poker until a few years ago. Someone taught her to play and voila, she became a natural star.

There is Erica Scheonberg: “It might sound weird but I don't care about winning as long as I get seated next to the mega hot Erica Schoenberg.”

Of course, American Pie sweetie Shannon Elizabeth had to make the cut.

“As another celebrity turned poker pro, Shannon Elizabeth came into the poker world as a hottie with little or no poker skills but she surprised everyone and started to take down the big wigs one tournament at a time.”

Among the last women standing at any WSOP event, Tiffany Michelle gets instant notoriety finishing higher than any other female at number 17.

And the Bleacher Report’s number two hottest babe that could win this year’s World Series of Poker but didn’t is none other than my personal fav, Vanessa Rousso.

They had Jennifer Leigh is the hottest but she didn’t even come remotely close to winning it.

Tatjana Pasalic didn’t make the list? Shame, shame.

Jenny Woo, Gambling911.com Senior International Correspondent