Big Blinds Online Poker Tournament Strategy

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The following is a big blinds online poker tournament strategy offered by a member of the online poker community at Wass Online - Please be sure to visit their online poker room here

Big Blinds online poker tournament strategy:

I always have some issues with my big blinds.

I can really get pissed when I play tournaments and Mr. BIGstack is trying to steal everything I have. So I started some seeking and I have posted here what I have found and what my own opinion about it is. I hope you will all can get some advantage of it.

Well the big blinds.............

Maybe you havent noticed, but whenever theres a big stack at the table u KNOW and condemn that he wont be making it to the FT.
Do u know why? Because they're splashers...

These are the ones u will steal from when the blinds hit the rim of 250/500 + +

At these blinds(250/500+) u will ONLY call 1/6 hands unless u have ur butt full of gold and hit pockets every hand (22 doesn't count, referring to the 34s is a huge fav against that hand)

AJ+ is a good hand to either go all in, or back off.

I know I play ALOT better when im shortstacked, cause then there's just two options: either u shove it, or play texasFOLD'em.

+ There's always some HUGE stack that messes with the avg. stack so as long as u have at least 5xBB on a 9-handed u'll be okay, hence to the 1/6 calling strat.

When the big stacks call ur 55+ pockets/AJ+ they usually have rags like T8o or something hoping to hit and knock you out, but have no fear - if they do, the site is rigged

The 1/6 calling strat. is something i got from a friend, but ur strat. can differ.
- By calling as little as possible, ignoring the T9, JT, QJ, KJ-- hands ull be all right statistically speaking.
1/10 is also okay, but if ur in a good pos. with crap + no callers behind u, u might as well shove it on the T9 + hands in hope of stealing some blinds or maybe get as lucky as Brad Pitt (referring to Angelina).

Commenting in regard to this big blinds online poker tournament strategy was GermanFalcon:

-22 vs 34s is a coin flip with a slightly advantage for 22, chance of winning is 48,5% vs 47,6% but half of the times you would have a split pot. Higher suited connectors are a slightly favorite over 22. E.g. 22 vs 9Ts 45,6% vs 52,6% and also nearly half a chance for a split pot.

-With 5BB you are in the red zone. In tourneys you don't calculate with BB you calculate with your M (look it up in Harrington). M is the cost of one Orbit and includes BB, SB and the antes.

Green Zone - M of 20 of more. Plenty of chips and thus maximum flexibility in your play.
Yellow Zone - M between 10 and 20. Harrington suggests playing looser and more aggressively to stop the blinds catching up with you. He also warns against playing hands like small pairs and suited connectors.
Orange Zone - M between 6 and 10. Have lost the ability to resteal and must play very aggressively to have any chance of staying alive.
Red Zone - M of 5 or less. Your only move is now all in, have lost any chance of playing post flop poker.
Dead Zone - M of less than 1. Not much to say about this one really - you are pretty much, well, dead!

-Calling in the BB with a marginal stack is not a good idea. Whether I fold or raise, remember you are OOP on the flop and later streets. With a marginal stack you cant play stop&go here (most times I would say). Always have a look at the pot odds and be aware of your image at the table and if the other regcognize your image.

-Most times its better to make a resteal in position instead of defending you Blind OOP.

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