Find a Job in Poker

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C Costigan
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  Looking for a job in the poker industry? Or maybe looking to hire someone for one? A website called Card Room Jobs ( may be for you. The site matches employers in the poker industry, such as card rooms and casinos, with potential employees for industry jobs, such as poker dealer or card room manager. A mission statement on the website declares: "Welcome to, the first job bank database for the poker industry. As a job seeker, just upload your resume, or as an employer, search for the right person to fill an open position." How does it work? It's not that different, really, from tradional employment sites such as, where potential employees post resumes for jobs they're seeking and potential employers peruse the resumes and contact those who pique their interest. In the case of, however, the potential employees remain anonymous--posting resumes listing experience but not their names--until an actual job offer is tendered. This method allows current poker industry job-holders looking for better jobs in the industry to seek out employment offers anonymously and not jeopardize their current positions. Currently, there is no charge for potential employees to post their resumes on the site, but that is to change in the near future. There is a charge for employers to look at the resumes. Throughout the poker industry, and the gambling industry in general, there are cheaters, con men, thieves, bunco artists and other assorted slimeballs--the work-less ethic of gambling brings them out in droves. The website fully acknowledges that, and warns against them. A note on the website advises: " does not take responsibility for any of the postings or any accuracy of the postings on the job bank. We are simply a medium for folks to find and connect with each other. Use your own intelligence when dealing with the postings here." By Tom Somach Staff Writer Sign up now for your 110% sign up bonus (up to $550 in cold hard cash) and free first time entry into Doyles $50k bounty