Investigation Into "Vibratorgate" Continues as Twitterverse Explodes

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Nagesh Rath
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Hustler Casino has said neither player will be invited to return to partake in tournament play following allegations that Robbi Jade Lew used a vibration device to gain an unfair advantage at the poker table resulting in an all-in hand for a pot of $269,000 versus Garrett Adelstein.  He accused Lew of cheating.


Lew returned the winnings under bizarre circumstances whereby the two apparently met in what she described as a "dark hallway".

"Garrett blocked me. Guilty as charged," Lew tweeted out over the weekend.  "What an honest man. He cornered me & threatened me. If he has the audacity to give me the death stare ON camera, picture what it’s like OFF camera. I was pulled out of the game & forced to speak to him in a dark hallway. Full details to come."

Poker pro Matt Glantz came to Lew's defense.

"She thought she had J3. She feels men are always trying to run her over & she's dying make big calls. She was embarrassed she actually had J4 & told nonsensical fibs in an attempt to cover up an innocent mistake. If she had turned over J3, Garrett would have said 'nice hand'."

Adelstein offered his side of the story as it pertained to what allegedly transpired in that "dark hallway".

He tweeted:

"Best concise summary of events. Notes: -She several times states she wasn’t threatened (HCL & @Joeingram1 vids both), then tweets that she was anyway. -Vibrating device in her pocket @berkey11 podcast -Only right I accept her HU4ROLLZ while retweeting Doug."

Falant tweeted back to Adelstein.

"Give her the money back you dolt. Vibrating device in her purse smh. If she can do that then no one can ever play on HCL ever again and they need to be shut down. That is what you are saying."

film ickelson added:

"She’s played this weird unconventional style many times before (corroborated by other players). So she has a genius cheating system that travels well across multiple venues? Doug Polk calling her stupid at poker but I think Garrett and his poker bros may just be stupid at life."

There are definitely people siding with Adelstein as well.

Salty tweeted:

"The fact is that she called JACK HIGH for 100k, nobody in there right mind would do something that ridiculous even if they were trying to catch a bluff."

Baja Rodin added:

"She thought she had a pair of 3s supposedly. That would make sense of it. But this vibration/time chip stuff has me shook."

Despite the temporary ban on both players, Hustler Casino Live co-founder Nick Vertucci agrees Robbi being relatively new to poker could have simply misread the hand.

He said: "'There's no possibility that there's anything that could be cheating goes. We've checked everything."

- Nagesh Rath,