Poker Pro Dutch Boyd Talks About Being Bipolar: But Is He Mental?

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Ace King
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Poker Pro Dutch Boyd Talks About Being Bipolar

In an audio interview with, poker pro Dutch Boyd discussed living with bipolar disorder.

Years ago, the poker community had posed the question: “Is Dutch Boyd mental?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t had an issue with bipolar for six-years now. I haven’t been on any sort of medication. As soon as I stopped doing drugs and cut out that unhealthy part of my life, the bipolar just seemed to disappear. Sometimes I am frightened it will come back and sometimes I think it’s creeping up on me.

“A lot of people may be listening to this thinking Dutch is doing fine without his medication so I will stop and I wouldn’t recommend that. I would say that if you are bipolar and you are doing drugs to self medicate then it’s not a good idea. There was definitely a strong link for me, personally, between my battles with mental illness and drugs. If you remove the drugs do I still have it? Probably. I feel it coming on every now and then and know if I don’t get some sleep, remove myself from stimulation or if I let myself stay up for another 24 hours—I am going to end up in another mental hospital.”

Listen to the audio interview below.

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