Poker Pro Phil Ivey on ’60 Minutes’: ‘Being Called a Cheater is Very Bad’

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Nagesh Rath
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Poker Pro Phil Ivey on ’60 Minutes’: ‘Being Called a Cheater is Very Bad’

One of the most recognized professional poker players in the world, Phil Ivey, sits down with CBS Sports James Brown in a candid “60 Minutes” segment on Showtime October 7, 2014. Ivey is not known for giving many interviews.

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The professional poker player is suing Crockfords Casino in London for $12.1 million in winnings the establishment is currently withholding.  The casino argues that Ivey took advantage of a flaw in playing cards during sessions of punto banco and, in essence, was cheating.  That suit is taking place over the next few days.

The Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey, meanwhile, is suing Ivey for the same thing.  In that case, they are demanding to have the poker pro return baccarat winnings totaling near $10 million.

Those who encountered Ivey during the segment filmed for “60 Minutes” discussed his hustler mentality, which often translates into brilliance. 

“I wouldn’t want to play a game of tiddlywinks with Phil Ivey,” Brown says during the segment.

Ivey, it turns out, bet $500,000 on a World Cup game while with the “60 Minutes” crew and at the same time he was playing in the World Series of Poker.  He lost that wager.

Alvin Patrick, Producer for “60 Minutes” relayed how Ivey is known for hustling celebrities the likes of Michael Jordan on the golf course.

“Phil Ivey is very, very bright, and has been making millions since his early 20’s,” Patrick stated. “He’s a brand unto himself.”

Ivey admits though that cheater allegations can't be good for his brand.

Watch a behind the scenes look at the segment below and be sure to catch Phil Ivey on “60 Minutes” this week on Showtime (October 7, 2014).

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- Nagesh Rath,