World Sports Exchange Poker Down To 10 Cash Players

Written by:
Jagajeet Chiba
Published on:
World Poker Exchange

As reported by this past week, troubled World Sports Exchange's online poker room (World Poker Exchange) is rapidly losing players.  Just how bad is the situation?  They have witnessed a 50 percent decline over last year and the site was down to an average of just 10 cash players. 

From "The site stands as a testament to the difficulty of building a player base without heavy marketing. Despite offering its players an exceptional value with essentially rake-free poker (later dropped to 75% rakeback), WSEX was never able to gain traction in part because it could not compete with the expensive advertising campaigns of the more profitable sites."

Ridiculous slow pay reports have prompted to place an advisory on the once highly regarded online gambling website owned and operated by a nuclear scientist, Jay Cohen.  Mr. Cohen had served nearly two years for his part in running World Sports Exchange.  Despite his once "holier than thou" image, Cohen is now viewed mostly as a disgraced individual amongst his peers., which is affiliated with World Sports Exchange, should also be avoided even though payouts from that tied-in company appear to be going out on a timely fashion. is one of the books named as having granted credit to the late Kenneth Weitzner, owner of, a sports betting portal operating out of Chesapeake, Virginia.  Weitzner and his wife killed themselves in April, leaving behind what some report was at least a half million dollar debt to Matchbook. 

Jagajeet Chiba,