Haste Arcade Launches New Monster Bombs Game

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Los Angeles, CA September 26, 2022 - The Haste Arcade has released its newest game - Monster Bombs, a space-themed baseball game built on the BSV Blockchain.

It features the world’s first physical and digital copy NFT items that can be equipped within the game, along with Haste’s patent-pending Instant Leaderboard Payout™ technology.

The game’s main character, Tank, is trapped on the planet Avachrome, and must compete in the planet’s home run derby to get off the dreaded planet. Players must hit a variety of pitches, while avoiding the bombs that occasionally get thrown at Tank. Points are accumulated by not swinging at the bombs, hitting singles, doubles, triples, home runs, and “Monster Bombs” (supercharged home runs). The more points a player gets, the higher up the leaderboard their score is.

One of the most exciting aspects of the release is the game collectibles. Prior to the release, Haste sold 20 Limited Edition Haste Jerseys, 10 Limited Edition “Tank” shoes, and 125 Limited Edition Haste hats. Each item came with a digital copy NFT, that allowed the owner to equip the NFT onto Tank within the game. The items were sold on the Take It NFT auction platform.

Along with the collectibles, the game also features Instant Leaderboard Payouts™, which give gamers a new way to play and earn from casual games. For example, players can play Monster Bombs for free, but if they want the chance to earn, they can also play at different paid levels ranging from $0.01 all the way up to $100 per game. If the player makes a level’s leaderboard, they earn a percentage of each subsequent gameplay. The payouts are instantly deposited to their Bitcoin SV wallet in the form of a micropayment, and the player will continue earning until their score is no longer on the leaderboard.

Joe De Pinto, co-founder of Haste, said: “We are extremely excited with the release of Monster Bombs. The gameplay is impressive for a casual home run derby, and the ILPs add an extra level of excitement for the players. We really think it is the most unique home run derby game on the internet.”

De Pinto continued: “The game also serves as a demonstration of what blockchain technology and Haste can do for professional sports franchises. To our knowledge, there has never been a physical item a fan could purchase, receive a digital copy NFT of that item, and then actually use the NFT within a video game.

“Imagine every shirt, jersey, and hat at the New York Yankees team store coming with an NFT that a fan can go home and equip on their player in MLB The Show. You will be wearing your real jersey that you just bought and playing with it in the video game at the same time! This concept is going to be a massive way to drive fan engagement outside of the ballpark.”

About Haste Arcade:

Haste Arcade is the world’s first Instant Leaderboard Payout™ arcade and developer SDK. Gamers can earn real time peer-to-peer payments, simply from placing on a game’s leaderboard. In addition to games, the arcade also has a marketplace where gamers can purchase game collectibles in the form of NFTs and use the collectibles within the games.

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