It's Primetime for Prime Sports as Book Kicks Off in Ohio: Same Software as BetCRIS

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Frank Doyle
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The much awaited arrival of Prime Sports is finally here, in Ohio at least.


A number of friends of the website are behind the book, which promises not to cut limits. 

Joe Brennan, Jr. is the main man behind Prime Sports.  He is celebrated for having pushed through legal filing that eventually landed in the Supreme Court and thus paved the way for overturning Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) in 2018.  This has resulted in the legalization of sports gambling nationwide in the US on a state-by-state basis.  Some like Utah, for example, will never legalize sports betting in our lifetime.  New Jersey, which was behind the suits, was among the first states outside of Nevada to do so.

Prime Sports utilizes the same software as long established Latin American-focused sportsbook behemoth BetCRIS, Plannatech.  BetCRIS is also a long time friend of the Gambling911 website.

"(Palnnatech) was chosen by @primesportsbook because we absolutely wanted to offer the same kind of product. So your dinging us as a "clone" is actually a compliment," the company tweeted out to an apparent hater.

BetCRIS is among the oldest sportsbooks and also has a reputation for not limiting players.

Currently, the sportsbook only operates in Ohio but is expected to enter the New Jersey market soon.  Others will follow.

"Players outside Ohio may register @primesportsbook and view our lines & limits. Who knows, maybe you have a road trip to the Buckeye State in your near future."

Ohio does not prohibit betting on in-state colleges like the beloved Ohio State Buckeyes.

- Frank Doyle,

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