Rivers Casino Customer Info Breached in Latest Cyber Attack

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Nagesh Rath
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Yet another casino has been hit by a massive cyber attack.

This time it is the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois.

The breach actually occurred over the summer but Rivers Casino only realized what had occurred this month. 

It appears the attack took place weeks prior to a more publicized incident affecting MGM and Caesars properties in October whereby slot machines malfunctioned and room keys required manual programming with many guests unable to gain access. 

The Rush Street Gaming property is now warning that hackers may also have obtained customer financial information, tax identification, Social Security, and passport numbers.

“Casino Des Plaines utilizes robust security protocols.” the casino wrote in the statement. “Unfortunately, we recently discovered a data security incident. Upon learning of the incident, Rivers promptly took steps to contain the threat and secure our systems, avoiding any interruption to our operations or in the services we provide to our customers.”

Last month's cyber attacks at MGM properties across the U.S. and Caesars also prompted warnings that critical customer information could be compromised.

Even if you play at other casinos, either in person or online, individuals are encouraged to change their passwords every few months. Hackers can make good money selling passwords on mass to fraudsters via the dark web.

Law enforcement continues to work with Rivers Casino regarding this matter.

Player Turns $2.50 Slot Bet Into Nearly $348K at Las Vegas Airport

The Wheel of Fortune Double Gold Gold Spin Slots at Harry Reid International Airport just paid out one lucky passenger $348,000 on a $2.50 bet. 

IGT Jackpot posted a screenshot of the big win.

This got us thinking.  What happens when you win all this money then need to board your flight?

No need to worry about your stash of coins spilling out all over the place or having to store funds in the overhead bin among nosy passengers. 

You may end up missing your flight, but who cares?  Right?

The reason for the potentially missed flight is that airport slots are TITO machines (ticket in, ticket out).  The airport itself does not offer bill breaker machines so you will need to seek out a uniformed attendant in order to exchange your ticket for cash.  The payout will not be in the form of a bag of coins.  These attendants are generally not near the smoking area.  Ignore calls to board your flight.  We're pretty confident (can't guarantee though) the airline will reimburse you under these circumstances knowing you'll be making additional Vegas trips using the same carrier.  Just make sure they get some free press.

The odds are pretty good this unnamed individual did miss his or her flight as large payouts need to be sourced, and these are generally anything over $1000.  Just remember, any winnings over $1200 still need to be reported to the IRS, even if they were won at an airport as opposed to an actual casino.

Back in April a player came away with $12,185,766 from another IGT machines, while playing a Megabucks™ Triple Red Hot 7s Spitfire Multipliers™ slot machine at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino on the Strip. 

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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