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Yep, it's me again, Jenny Woo, counting down the world's sexiest.....this time the top 10 sexiest female celebrity poker players.

WOOps!!!!  Here I go with another super charged oversexed article designed to drive the male species wild with the ultimate hope of forcing them to start playing poker online upon seeing that all these hot babes are one step ahead of them in that category. 

After management asked me to embark on this assignment, I thought they were nuts.  SEXY?  FEMALE POKER PLAYERS?  How low had they gone? 

In my mind, a female poker player is one whose trying to be like one of the boys, smoking a stogie - sucking on it of course.  She's also a foul-mouthed boozer who probably has left the children home with her abusive husband in the trailer. 

Then I find out Jennifer Tilly is a professional female celebrity poker player and I guess I'm proven right.  Just playing Jen, you know I love you Mrs. Chuckie!

What I uncovered may shock and amaze you all.  It seems there is little shortage of sexy female celebrity players out there, many of whom I would least expect.  Aisha tyler?  What the?

sexy10.  Cyclona "Clonie" Gowen At number 10 is this sexy little blonde who has become a celebrity as a result of playing poker, not vice versa since Jenny doubts she can act.

Cyclona "Clonie" Gowen grew up in Kiowa, Oklahoma. She was a high school jock, as she was on a state championship basketball team and was ranked 7th in the high jump. Clonie proved she had the whole package, beauty, brains, and athletics, by winning Miss Teen Oklahoma at the age of 15.

Clonie is a relative newcomer to poker. She entered the poker scene by winning the $25,000 Belagio WPT Championship seat at the World Poker Tour Costa Rica Classic, where she had a Top 10 finish. Gowen recently won the 2003 WPT Ladies' Night. Gowen's success goes beyond the poker table since she is a spokesperson and advisor for an online poker gaming site and writes a column for a poker magazine. Clonie, a mother of two, lives in Dallas, Texas and enjoys mountain biking, and scuba diving.

You can visit Clonie Gowen's web site at  Tell her Jenny sent you.

sexy9. Shana Hiatt was born on the East Coast, but was raised in Tabernacle New Jersey. During Shana's early years she traveled around the country with her brother and parents, who were enrolled in the army. Hiatt proved to be a wonderful athlete during high school as she was a champion lacrosse and field hockey player. At age 18 Shana Hiatt began modeling after being discovered by a well-known and respected agent Ray Manzella.

Like Jenny, Shana probably can't play poker a lick but she's still managed to plunge head first onto the poker circuit.  Speaking oflicking, let's get back to Shana, shall we.  

Shana met her future husband James Van Patten, brother of World Poker Tour commentator, Vince van Patten, while attending a fundraiser in Hawaii to assist in funding shelters for battered women. Hiatt also hosted E! Entertainment's "Wild On" adventure series.

Shana Hiatt is now introducing audiences of the World Poker Tour, featured on the Travel Channel, to the world of poker. Hiatt, hostess of WPT, travels around the world and takes the WPT audience on a guided tour inside many luxurious casinos and provides insight into the life of professional poker players around the world.

7. Jennifer Tilly


You might recognize Jennifer Tilly (pictured right) from such film classics as Seed of Chucky, Bride of Chucky, and Bound.  All I can say is Boys, if you wanna get lucky, dress up like a psychotic dummy and call yourself Chucky!

Hubba hubba, even with a little extra chubba, Jennifer Tilly is one smokin' fine actress.  But forget her Shakespearean stints in the Chucky series for a moment and let's look at her phenomenal poker career. 

On June 27, 2005, Tilly won a World Series of Poker bracelet (and $158,625) in the Ladies' No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em event, outlasting 600 other players. She followed up this accomplishment on September 1, 2005 by also winning the third World Poker Tour Ladies Invitational Tournament held at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles.

Tilly met Phil "the Unabomber" Laak in the midst of her newfound passion. They have been dating since. After winning her bracelet, she told one of the reporters that Phil taught her everything she knows about poker, "through osmosis". She also said, "This is better than an Oscar" as she showed off her new bracelet to the media and spectators. To make things even sweeter, Phil celebrated her win with a second place finish of his own in the $2500 Pot Limit Holdem event. Johnny Chan was the player who defeated Phil giving him his tenth bracelet.

Jennifer Tilly's victory may be the best thing to happen to poker since Chris Moneymaker's win. At the premiere party for the No Limit Holdem movie, I heard a reporter state that even people in China who never knew what the World Series of Poker was now know about the tournament because of Jennifer Tilly. And here's a little tidbit some of you might not be aware of, Jennifer Tilly is of Chinese ancestry (on her dad's side).

Expect to see Jennifer around the poker rooms a lot more in the future. She said, "I'm hooked on poker. I'm not going to stop playing until I lost all my money."


8. Daisy Fuentes You go girl!  Daisy has single-handedly eliminated the myth that Puerto Ricans don't know how to play poker.  They do!  This former weather woman has recently begun appearing on the celebrity poker circuit.  A rose by any other name is a Daisy and I'm just counting the days until she dumps Marc Anthony!


And now for my Top 5 Sexiest female poker players.

6.  At number 6 is Ming-na  and all I can say to that is oh ya!  Sweetie, it won't be long until Jenny is the number one female Asian celebrity poker player, so enjoy while you still have a full deck!


5. Aisha Tyler You go girl!  I thought we lost you after the Fifth Wheel.  Aisha finished 3rd just after Mimi Rogers and Fred Savage in the Hollywood Home Game 1.


3. Emily Proctor Who?  She looks like a storm trooper for God's sake, but in a sexy tall blonde Nordic sorta way.  I sat through two rounds of the Celebrity Showdown (Game one: Ben Affleck, Don Cheadle, Willie Garson, Emily Proctor, David Schwimmer; Game Two, special "West Wing" episode: Timothy Busfield, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Martin Sheen, John Spencer)And while they weren't full-on train wrecks, they did offer more than their fair share of cringe-worthy moments. One where Proctor tosses her blond, blond hair and saying, "THAT's what I'm TALkin' bout!"  Another where she's flapping her hands and saying "I can't do math" in a small, pouty voice was especially grim.

Can't do math? Girl, if you weren't so hot to trot Jenny would be givin' your white ass the boot.  Nothing turns me off more than a girl who can't do math, can't count and can't take measurements.  All are my specialties by the way, especially the measurement skill but...ahem....this is after all a family web site and Jenny won't touch that one. 


4. Mimi Rogers Mimi is like the Queen of Poker, sorta like my dear 'ol dad is the King of Beta Porn Collections.  And to think Tom Cruise was actually normal when married to what looks like a dominatrix in the photo below. 

She took up competitive poker in 2003, and finished in the money in her first major tournament at the World Poker Tour's 240 player Shooting Stars main event No-Limit Texas hold 'em tournament in San Jose, California on March 4, 2004.

A little tidbit about Mimi Rogers: Her father was Jewish and a Holocaust survivor, while her mother was Christian. However, Rogers has become a member of the Church of Scientology, and in fact her father is now a minister of Scientology as well.

Jenny just wants to know how old Mimi was when she first started eating pork.  Hubba, hubba.


2. Laura Prepon Thank goodness for the fall of the Russian wall.  I was still in my diapers back in the late 80's, but from what I hear those Russian women prior to the end of Communism all had hair protruding from their arm pits, on their legs, smelled like cabbage and weighed more than the average elevator capacity.  Yet they had food rations?  Help Jenny out here please.

Then the wall came tumbling down and we soon learn it was all a lie.  Russian women are beautiful, they all look like Laura Prepon....well, at least until they turn 40!

Okay, so Prepon's not even Russian but she sure as hell looks it in this picture below.

Prepon's enthusiasm for poker led to her role as an executive producer of E! Hollywood Hold'em. She also hosted the program's first game.

You might know her from the hit Fox television series That 70's Show.



And my pick for sexiest female celebrity poker player is....

1.  Shannon Elizabeth You know this hot mamma from the blockbuster smashAmerican Pie - and boy would Jenny love to have some of this girl's pie. 

She was born in Houston, Texas to Gerald Edward Fadal (of Syrian and Lebanese descent) and Patricia Dianne Abbott (of French, English, and American Indian (Cherokee) descent); she was raised in Waco.

One year before their divorce, she was Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher's crew members. It has been speculated by some that it was this�her husband Joe helped in fooling her into thinking she was caught on a sex tape�that was the cause of their breakup. 1 She now stars in the UPN t.v. series comedy Cuts along side singer actor Marques Houston.

Elizabeth played in the 2005 World Series of Poker main event.

She's rumored to be romantically linked to that swash buckling Narcissistic CEO ofBodog.comKelvin Ayre, though Jenny can't exactly confirm anything since I haven't exactly been in bed with the two of them nor do I have the sex tape to prove it. 

He's got fine taste that Kelvin does if true.  We do know she plays poker exclusively at Bodog Poker


Jenny Woo,

Originally published December 26, 2005 1:30 pm EST

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