Social Security Numbers Compromised at Caesars

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Jagajeet Chiba
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The great Roxy Roxboro warned Thursday afternoon that, if you ever placed a sports bet over $999 at a Caesars casino property, hackers likely have your credit card number and social security number.  And, yes, you're an excellent candidate to have your identity stolen.

Roxboro pointed to a Las Vegas Review Journal piece that "a significant number of members” of the Caesars Rewards program have their personal and confidential information copied by an “unauthorized actor.”

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Caesars confirmed Thursday that they had paid millions in ransom money after being hacked last week.  MGM is dealing with a cyber attack all this week and customers of this company now fear their own personal information is in the hands of hackers.  There may be some assurance that MGM appears to have shut down systems immediately upon learning of the compromise to their systems, hence the chaos all week.

”We are still investigating the extent of any additional personal or otherwise sensitive information contained in the files acquired by the unauthorized actor,” Caesars said in the report. “We have no evidence to date that any member passwords/PINs, bank account information, or payment card information (PCI) were acquired by the unauthorized actor.”

In other news, MGM promised employees payroll will be made as usual on Friday despite the cyber attack threatening to cause interruptions. 

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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