State of Arkansas Approves Mobile Sports Betting

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Mobile sports betting in Arkansas crossed its final regulatory hurdle this week as bets can now be taken via mobile devices effective March 4th.


This approval happened just in time for fans in the state to place mobile bets for both the upcoming SEC and NCAA basketball tournaments.

The Joint Budget Committee approved the final rules from the Arkansas Racing Commission to allow mobile sports betting in the Natural State.

Sports betting had already been permitted at three of the state's casinos but only on the premises without any mobile wagering offered.

As many as eight operators, including bigwigs DraftKings and FanDuel, will be allowed to take bets in the state.

There remains the potential that legal action from the national sportsbooks fighting against a mandatory 51% revenue split for the casino operators could occur, but likely after launch.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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