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2009 World Baseball Classic Updated Odds and Contest

The odds for the 2009 World Baseball Classic have been updated at, but it's their MLB Opening Day Double Play contest that's creating the most buzz.

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Mar/02/2009

Chicago Cubs Still Among Those Favored to Win ’09 World Series

Chicago Cubs fans don't despair.  Your team is a bigger favorite to win the 2009 World Series than are the reigning champion Philadelphia Phillies.  The Cubs would pay $445 at

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Mar/01/2009

MLB Network Scandal Includes Sexual Harassment: Somach Quoted Special contributor, Thomas Somach, was quoted by the New York Post on Wednesday regarding emerging allegations directed at two MLB Network on-air personalities.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Feb/25/2009

Major League Baseball Contest: Win Trip to Opening Game of Choice

The MLB regular season will be here before you know it and wants to send a few lucky readers to the Opening Day game of your choice.

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Feb/24/2009

Betting on the World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic begins with the opening pitch on March 5th in Tokyo and

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Feb/17/2009

A Rod and Baseball Steroid Betting Odds Now Up, the leading online gaming and sports book destination, issued lines today on the continuing Steroids epidemic in

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/17/2009

LA Dodgers Odds to Win World Series: Manny Ramirez Key

Free agent Manny Ramirez could be the key to the National League pennant and a big payday.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a tremendous value at 8:1 odds to win the N.L. pennant at Those odds are sure to drop quickly if Ramirez finally signs with the Dodgers and that could happen any minute with pitchers and catchers already reported.

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Feb/16/2009

A-Rod Likes She-Males? The Oddsmakers Love A-Rod

One of my fellow Cubanos, the great Perez Hilton, brought up a little ditty that was out there two years back when A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) was caught frolicking around in strip clubs. 

Perez reported the following: "(A-Rod) likes the she-male, muscular type" says a stripper at a club once frequented by Rodriguez. "They brought me up to the champagne room one time. I spun around once and that was it. I'm not his type."

So does this mean that Yours Truly might be able to score a home run with A-Rod?

Submitted by Sparky Collins on, Feb/09/2009

Odds to Win the 2009 World Series

With Major League Baseball Spring Training starting this week, now is a good time for baseball bettors to look ahead and start reviewing the odds to win the 2009 World Series.

The money-burning New York Yankees are +400 favorites to win the Fall Classic in World Series Betting Odds at

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/09/2009

Yankees Odds to Win World Series Not Affected by A-Rod Saga

The latest saga for the New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) isn't affecting the team much at the betting window. The Yankees are still the heavy favorite to win this year's World Series at a little less than 3:1 odd at

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Feb/09/2009

Baseball And Sports Betting Makes Cover of New York Times

"Baseball Executives Face the Odds" - that's the headline on the front page of the Tuesday edition of the New York Times.

"The mission for every general manager at the baseball winter meetings here is to help build a team into a World Series champion. Some teams have a legitimate chance. Some have almost no chance. If the executives want to know how their chances of winning a title are perceived by some sports experts, they have congregated in the right place.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Dec/09/2008

Alex Rodriguez - High Stakes Poker Player

Professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez is not only playing Madonna, he's got a knack for some high stakes poker as well.

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/03/2008

The Philadelphia Phillies Win World Series and Payout Was Still Sweet

A lot of the talk heading into the World Series was the chance for Tampa Bay Rays bettors (assuming there were some) to win big if their team walked away with a championship.  After all, the Rays

Submitted by C Costigan on, Oct/29/2008

Why Was Tampa Bay/Philadelphia Game Tie Graded a Phillies Win?

When Monday night's World Series game between the Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies was suspended due to inclement weather, most fans just figured they would catch the rest of the postponed

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Oct/29/2008

World Series Suspended Graded a Tampa Bay Rays Loss, Phillies Win

There has never been a rain-shortened game in World Series history, and this was the first suspension.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Oct/28/2008

Sportsbooks Stand to Lose Over $1 Million With Rays Win

The Las Vegas Review Journal on Tuesday reported that the Tampa Bay Rays, a 200-1 long shot in April to win the 2008 World Series, is making several sports book directors nervous in Las Vegas, and

Submitted by C Costigan on, Oct/21/2008

Tampa Bay Rays Favored to Win The 2009 World Series

When the Tampa Bay Rays entered the regular MLB season back in April, they were given odds of +6500.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Oct/20/2008

New Yankees Stadium Betting Odds

A more storied baseball stadium never stood.

Submitted by Guest on, Sep/24/2008

Baseball Betting Profits: It’s Time to Wake Up

Yes, the King of all wagering sports is in full swing, that would be football.

Submitted by Tony George on, Sep/21/2008

Toronto Blue Jays in Playoff Hunt? Payout Odds Great for Gamblers

The Toronto Blue Jays opened the season as 40 to 1 long shots. At times during the 2008 Major League Baseball season, the Blue Jays odds were much longer than that.

Submitted by Ean Lamb on, Sep/11/2008

Chicago White Sox vs. Minnesota Twins Odds to Win 2009 World Series

With two teams - the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins - virtually neck and neck to win the American League Central Division, we wanted to take a look at which of these two teams the odds maker

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Aug/19/2008

Tampa Bay Rays Odds to Win the 2008 World Series

With the third best record in Major League Baseball and a lead maintained over the long dominating New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, the Tampa Bay Rays odds to win the 2008 World Series have bee

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Aug/18/2008

Phillies, Mets, Marlins Deadlock in NL East Provides Much Betting Value

With only 2 ½ games separating the Phillies, Mets and Marlins in the National League East, this is anyone's to take and that reflects in the odds, which have Philadelphia promising a payout of $42

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Aug/11/2008

Baseball Handicapping: Ron Raymond’s 80% Club Stats

Submitted by Ron Raymond on, Aug/05/2008

Free Baseball Pick: San Diego Padres vs. New York Mets

Play: Money Line: -156

Submitted by Tony George on, Aug/05/2008

Milwaukee Brewers Fight Reflects Fading Odds to Win NL

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Aug/05/2008

Mark Cubans Cubs? He’s Prepared to Fork Over $1.3 billion

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wants the Chicago Cubs so bad he is prepared to spend $1.3 billion to get them. A drop in the bucket for Cuban? Maybe.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Aug/04/2008

Today's Major League Baseball Free Pick and Stats

Today's Major League Baseball Stats and Free Pick is Brought to you by Ron Raymond and

Submitted by Ron Raymond on, Aug/04/2008

Manny Ramirez will try to get Dodgers playoff run started

The Dodgers may not have National League powerhouses quaking in their shoes, but the Arizona Diamondbacks should be a little worried after L.A. traded for Manny Ramirez on Thursday.

Los Angeles has won five of its last eight games and the team should be even better with Ramirez in the fold. The wacky slugger brings some serious pop to a team ranked second-last in NL home runs. With a career OPS of .999, "Manny being Manny" doesn't just mean crazy antics in the outfield or outside the diamond-it means some serious offense.

Submitted by Payton on, Aug/01/2008

A Rod Wants Enforcement of Prenuptials

Baseball's highest paid player, Alex Rodriguez (A Rod) wants the prenuptials in his disastrous marriage enforced.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Jul/31/2008

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