The Biggest Bets in UFC History

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hile most professional bettors try to play carefully and use money only from the betting bank and no other means, there are people in the sports betting industry who just want to get it all. For many players of this type, a large bet is a sign of confidence in the player’s victory, a kind of support. 

MMA betting continues to grow in popularity, and the UFC, as the most-watched promotion in the sport, attracts the largest volume of bets. It is about the most curious bets in UFC history that we will talk about today with

Record Bet on Amanda Nunes

Нуньес победила Спенсер и защитила пояс в полулегком весе на UFC 250

In June 2020, at the UFC 250 tournament, in the main fight of the evening, Amanda Nunes defended the featherweight championship belt against Canadian Felicia Spencer. It was the night that recorded the largest UFC bet in the history of the bookmaker William Hill, a review of which can be found on

The unknown person from Las Vegas bet $1 million on the victory of the favorite. The Brazilian defended her title by unanimous decision after 5 rounds, and the Vegas resident won about $166,000 - the odds on the champion were too low.

Miesha Tate’s Biggest Fan

Miesha Tate Admits Amanda Nunes is 'Dangerous,' 'Presents a Lot of  Problems' |

Once again, a story indirectly related to a Brazilian athlete. Dave Oancea, known as “Dave from Vegas” in gambling circles, has made many successful bets and enjoys the status of a professional sports bettor. He bet $77,000 that Miesha Tate would defeat Holly Holm at UFC 196, and as a result, it brought him $300,000. Not surprisingly, he decided to up the bets and support Miesha Tate again during her fight with Amanda Nunes at UFC 200, so he placed a huge $1million bet with a $400,000 payout if she won. Alas, Lady Luck turned her back on him this time, as Amanda Nunes won the fight, leaving him with nothing.

Khabib = Win

Dana White: Khabib Nurmagomedov was 'emotional' after UFC 254 win, believes  lightweight champ may fight again -

UFC fans and betting fans will miss Khabib Nurmagomedov, who announced his retirement. The undefeated champion brought in a steady income for his fans. Yes, the odds were often low, but if you started betting on Eagle from your first fight in the UFC, your bank would have increased 20 times by the time you fight Gaethje.

One loyal fan wanted to bet so much on the Russian to fight Conor McGregor that he had to split the bet into several. He ended up placing a series of bets on Khabib’s victory with a total dollar amount of $340,000-350,000. And, by the way, he multiplied his bet by 1.5 times! believes that betting on Nurmagomedov = victory. 


No McGregor No Party

Conor McGregor is BACK

This top couldn’t be without the UFC’s main troublemaker. The Irish fighter is surely one of the most attractive betting contenders. He can beat anyone but sometimes loses, making the odds on his win higher than Khabib’s. However, since not all bookmakers disclose betting information, we cannot say how much total money has been bet on Conor. What we can tell you is that before UFC 257, $188,800 was bet on McGregor in New Jersey. A disappointing loss, but it’s not the biggest bet on Conor’s fight.  

In a boxing bout against Floyd Mayweather, $1 million was bet on the Irishman’s defeat. The boxing champion’s victory was so clear that the bettor made just $182,000 profit.

Maybe soon the UFC will be betting the same amount of money as boxing, but for now, even bets on Amanda Nunes cannot outbid the $1.6 million with which rapper 50 Cent decided to support his friend Mayweather in his fight with Manny Pacquiao. By the way, 50 Cent won that bet.


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