Dubai Royal Family Buying Manchester United?

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Alistair Prescott
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Manchester United may soon be sold told the Dubai Royal family according to reports that have begun circulating throughout the United Kingdom.

Daniel Bardsley of the National, Abu Dhabi publication, writes:

"After enduring three decades of glaring underachievement, Manchester City fans can be excused their new-found exhilaration, the feeling that all the disappointment of recent times will soon be forgotten as the takeover by an Abu Dhabi investment group transforms perennial also-rans into world beaters."

"There has been a lot of talk about which players we will sign and how much money we will spend on them," The National has been told by one figure with intimate knowledge of the takeover. "We now have to be practical, calm things down a bit and get on with the real business of running a football club."

Sources in Abu Dhabi have been at pains to counter western reports suggesting that the deal is a government initiative, pointing out that ADUG is a private equity group headed by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed.

From the Spoiler, via the Sunday Times

"The only thing that could put a damper on such gloating would be if the gossip circulating this weekend proves to be true. The American owners of Manchester United, so the rumours go, will soon receive an offer to buy the club that they cannot refuse - from the Dubai royal family."


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