FIFA World Cup Draw Results: Odds Updated

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FIFA World Cup Draw Results:  Odds Updated

FIFA World Cup draw results means some updating of the odds.

For the United States, they were drawn into Group C in the 2010 World Cup along with England, Algeria and Slovenia at the World Cup draw in South Africa on Friday.

The Americans will open the competition on June 12 against England.  Their odds had been listed close to 100/1 and were now at 50/1 at, where betting on the 2010 FIFA World Cup resumed Friday afternoon and evening. slashed USA's odds from 100/1 to 75/1.

England's odds being subtly slashed has even greater meaning perhaps as headlines already read "England Basks in Luck of the Draw". 

"We anticipate England's odds to be slashed further in the coming months," says Alistair Prescott of  A good idea to lock these odds in at the current 7.00 price (around 6/1).

FIFA World Cup draw results were as follows:

Group A - France, South Africa, Mexico and Uruguay.

Group B - Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, and Greece. 

Group C - England, United States, Algeria and Slovenia. 

Group D - Germany, Australia, Serbia, and Ghana.

Group E - The Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, and Cameroon. 

Group F - Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, and Slovakia.

Group G - Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, and Portugal.  This is the "Group of Death".

Group H - Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, and Chile.


What is most interesting following the FIFA World Cup draw results is the change in odds at the top of the pack with some slight movements.

Yesterday, Spain, Brazil, England, Argentina and Italy led the pack. 

Spain remained the favorite with odds of 5.00.

Brazil got cut a half from 5.50 to 6.00.

England was at 8.00 and is now at 7.00.

Italy was at 11.00 and is now at 10.00.  This move now has them with the same odds as Argentina

France moved up a point to 15.00.

And watch Côte d'Ivoire, now at 25.00.

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