Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Shane Mosley Predictions

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Dan Shapiro
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Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Shane Mosley Predictions

BetUS.com betting analyst Ian James offered his own Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Shane Mosley predictions.  The online betting company has made Mayweather Jr. a big -450 favorite.  James is advising sports bettors to lay the big money on Mayweather.

"It's no secret that Mosley wants to get into a war with Mayweather, but it's no secret that Mayweather will be looking to land those the single shots and get out before he can be countered.

"So much so that he will likely not risk throwing many combinations at all as Mosley will be more than willing to take a few to get inside and start throwing combinations of his own.

"The chances of Mayweather getting caught up in that type of fight are very slim.

"He's made a living off dancing around the ring, running his mouth and doing enough to win fights without having to really stand in there box.

"I'm one of those guys that would love nothing more than for Mayweather to get put to sleep, but my duty to you is to advise where to lay your money, and that has to be on Floyd Mayweather (-450)."

Another BetUS.com analyst, Aaron Torres, added: "It is because of that quickness, agility and athleticism that Mayweather is the favorite in this fight.

"Mosley of course will try to counter by going to a slowed-down, physical brawl, a style which has suited him well with 39 knockouts in 46 professional wins. He knows because of the age difference he cannot get into a 12 round fight with Mayweather, but will have to end it earlier with one big punch."

Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com


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