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Ethiopia is a country where much attention is devoted to football. There is a national football team that represents Ethiopia in either domestic events or in championships on an international level. It was founded in 1943 and is called by the nickname Walias. The current head coach of the team is Wubetu Abate. In 2013, the team competed in the Africa Cup of Nations after being absent from this tournament for 31 years. 


The Football Federation of Ethiopia is the official regulatory body that manages the national team and organizes all the football tournaments in the country. It was founded in 1943 and the current president is Esayas Jira. The Premier League of Ethiopia is the first-level competition in the league system of the country. In this article, you will discover a detailed analysis of the tournament together with accurate tips and predictions for it from experts with profound experience in sports and betting spheres.


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Ethiopia Premier League Season Preview 

The current season of the Premier League football championship in Ethiopia started on October 17, 2022. Overall, there will be 240 matches played and 200 of them have already taken place. Sixteen football clubs compete in the tournament. Here they are:


  • Wolkite City

  • Wolaitta Dicha

  • Sidama Coffee

  • Sebeta City

  • Saint George

  • Mekelakeya

  • Jimma Aba Jifar

  • Hawassa City

  • Hadiya Hossana

  • Fasil Kenema

  • Ethiopian Coffee

  • Dire Dawa City

  • Bahir Dar Kenema

  • Arba Minch

  • Addis Ababa City

  • Adama City

How is Ethiopian football run? What is the Ethiopian Premier League? 

Ethiopia Premier League is a first-level tournament in the country that was founded in 1997. The competition is currently called the BetKing League because of the sponsor. It was previously held by the Football Federation until the year two thousand twenty. The tournament is managed by the Share Company of the Premier League.

Top Teams and Key Players in Ethiopia Premier League

When it comes to the champions of the previous seasons, here they are:

  • Season 2016–17: Saint George SC (Addis Abeba)

  • Season 2017–18: Jimma Aba Jifar F.C. (Jimma)

  • Season 2018–19: Mekelle 70 Enderta (Mekelle)

  • Season 2020–21: Fasil Kenema SC (Gonder). 


As far as the top scorers of those previous tournaments, these are:

  • Season 2016–17: Getaneh Kebede (25 goals)

  • Season 2017–18: Okiki Afolabi (23 goals)

  • Season 2018–19: Amanuel Gebremichael (18 goals)

  • Season 2020–21: Abubeker Nassir (29 goals).


In the current season of the tournament, the first place in the ranking takes Fasil Ketema FC with 18 points. The team scored 9 goals and missed 2 goals. Saint George FC takes the second position in the table with 13 points. The team scored 6 goals and missed 1 goal. The third place in the ranking belongs to Defence Force SC. The team has 11 points, 13 goals scored and 7 goals missed. 


The fourth place in the table takes Ye Ethiopia Bunna SC with 10 points. The team scored 10 goals and missed 11 goals. The fifth position in the ranking belongs to Dire Dawa City. The team has 9 points, 9 goals scored and 4 goals missed. 

Where to find betting odds for the Ethiopian Premier League? 

If you want to check the betting odds for the future premier league matches, you should visit the main website of the bookmaker you want to bet with. There you will be able to find not only odds but also match previews, fixtures, live scores, results of the previous games and statistics. Those details will be really useful for you while analyzing before making forecasts. 

Top tips and predictions for the Ethiopian Premier League 

Below you will uncover football predictions for the tournament regarding different fields. So, you will find out what teams are worth wagering on. 

Best Defending Teams

  • Saint George FC – 1 goal

  • Fasil Ketema FC – 2 goals 

  • Adama City FC – 3 goals 

  • Dire Dawa City – 4 goals

  • Welayta Dicha – 4 goals

Worst Defending Teams

  • Awassa City FC – 13 goals

  • Ye Ethiopia Bunna SC – 11 goals

  • Hadiya Hosaena FC – 11 goals

  • Sidama Coffee FC – 9 goals 

  • Wolkite Ketema – 9 goals

Best Attacking Teams

  • Defence Force SC – 13 goals

  • Ye Ethiopia Bunna SC – 10 goals

  • Wolkite Ketema – 10 goals 

  • Fasil Ketema FC – 9 goals

  • Dire Dawa City – 9 goals. 

Worst Attacking Teams 

  • Welayta Dicha – 1 goal

  • Arba Minch City FC – 3 goals

  • Bahardar FC – 3 goals
    Sebeta City FC – 4 goals 

  • Adama City FC – 4 goals

Top Scorers 

  • Bogale Y. (Sidama Bunna) – 13 goals 

  • Kebede G. (Wolkite Kenema) – 13 goals

  • Adongo R. (Addis Ababa Ketema) – 12 goals

  • Nasir A. (Ethiopia Bunna) – 11 goals

  • Ouro-Agoro I. (St. George) – 10 goals. 

Top assists 

The statistics for assists has not been formed yet. 

How to bet on Ethiopia Premier League picks? 

If you want to wager on Ethiopia premier league predictions you should go to the main website of your bookie. There you should search for the tournament and check whether your bookmaker proposes it among other sports events for betting. If so, click on the sports event and choose a particular football match you want to make bets on. Select the type of punt you want to make. Decide on the amount of money you want to place and submit your choice. 


What are the best betting markets for Ethiopia Premier League?

There are many betting markets offered by betting platforms nowadays. Therefore, you will definitely choose something for yourself. These could be 1x2 bets, totals, handicaps, outright, personal stats and many other ones. If you want to try a new market for the first time, you had better make use of free bets in order not to lose your money.


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