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Haye Klitschko Fight Odds

Haye Klitschko fight odds will be available until around 4 pm EDT and 2200 GMT.  Gambling911.com advises its readers to get accounts set up an hour or more in advance of the fight. 

US gamblers along with our readers located in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Israel, Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey can place bets on the Haye Klitschko fight here at BetDSI.com, which is part of North America’s oldest established North American bookmaker BetCRIS.  Learn more here and claim your 20 percent signup bonus (restrictions apply). 

Players everywhere else can join William Hill to get all the latest Haye Klitschko fight odds including round betting and results/outcome odds.  William Hill is the largest bookmaker in Great Britain and serves the world online.  They do offer the free bet with new accounts. 

For the most part, Wladimir Klitschko pays $8 for every $13 bet across the board or around $1 for every $2 bet (the initial bet is refunded should Klitschko win). 

David Haye would pay out around $7 for every $4 bet as the slight underdog. 

When it comes to round betting, the oddsmakers at William Hill believe that Klitschko wins on points at 9/4 odds while Haye on points pays 7/1 (see all round betting odds for each round from William Hill here for those who can bet there)

A TKO or KO from Klitschko pays just shy of even odds or 10/11.  Haye would pay 12/1 odds.  The draw pays an amazing 50/1 odds, and we should note that this is an especially competitive fight on paper so a draw is possible here. 

William Hill is now offering Grouped Round Betting (i.e. Klitschko winning in any of the first three rounds), exact decision odds (i.e. by majority decision or split decision for each fighter) and will the fight go the distance, which pays 3/1 odds.

Haye Klitschko fight odds were in high demand throughout the week, however, we anticipate heavy demand the immediate hours leading up to this major fight.

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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