IIaria D'Amico Interviews David Beckham Regarding AC Milan Move

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Alistair Prescott
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The beautifully Italian television hostess, IIaria D'Amico, is lining up to greet football phenom David Beckham, whose American debut was a complete bust.  Beckham recently signed on with Italia's team AC Milan.

There is apparently concern over David being interviewed by the red hot D'Amico.

The Daily Mail blasts a headline: "Do you really want David cosying up to this woman, Victoria?" referring of course to Mrs. Beckham.

There have even been suggestions that the Beckham camp turned down an exclusive 'one-to-one' with the reporter because of her looks, and that may even be the case according to the Daily Mail.  He is having an open press conference upon his arrival in Italy.

But an exclusive with Ms. D'Amico will likely occur at some time in the very near future. 

Miss D'Amico, a 35-year-old graduate, got her big break at the 1998 World Cup and has a huge following among Italian football fans.

'Originally Sky wanted to do an exclusive interview but we felt the press conference should be open to everyone and wouldn't want to restrict it to one broadcaster.

'He will do a separate interview with Sky afterwards. It's rubbish to suggest we would veto a presenter because of her looks.'

Beckham has signed for AC Milan on a three-month loan deal from his U.S. club, LA Galaxy.

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