Liverpool at the Top of the Premier League

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The expectations are starting to build for Liverpool under manager Rafael Benitez. The team is now all alone at the top of the soccer betting League standings and fans are starting to get excited. Benitez is urging caution though as his team faces a tough week. "It is a crucial week for us.

We are at the top for the first time and everybody is waiting for our reaction, to see whether we can we handle it." Benitez said, "So we must concentrate even more now. We must not slip up or lose our focus. We are in a fantastic position and we will try to stay there as long as we can. The key for me is that the team is working together, all of them helping and motivating their team-mates. That is a massive difference."

It has been 18 years since Liverpool won the title and fans are definitely excited about the prospects this season. "Keeping a lid on expectation is difficult. The fans want to see the team at the top and they badly want the title, so it is difficult to keep our people calm." Benitez said, "We know we have the responsibility to give the same message to everyone, the fans in particular."

Liverpool hosts Portsmouth on Wednesday and that will not be easy considering there could be a letdown for Liverpool after their 1-0 win on Sunday at Chelsea. "We played particularly well at Chelsea in the second half, we had more confidence and more options on the counter attack. They also were nervous, they had been unbeaten at home in the league for a long time and they were trying to go forward too quickly, and they made mistakes."

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Liverpool has not lost in 15 games and has lost only two of their last 58 home games. "If you want to be a contender, you need character and quality.

Now we are showing we have enough quality and great character after coming back from behind in five games to win." Benitez said, "And now we have won at Chelsea and beaten Everton and Manchester United. We have the two main ingredients that I feel are needed to make a genuine challenge."

It will not be easy for Liverpool but they have proven they are a serious contender. "If you want to stay at the top then you cannot barely afford to lose any game," Benitez added, "As in previous seasons, the top sides are winning and winning and winning. This has been the situation in the four years I have been here. Each season you know you have to win virtually every game. The big teams lose very few."

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