Mayweather - Mosley Fight Predictions From The Bookie

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Tyrone Black
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Mayweather-Mosley Fight Predictions

Analysts at were providing us with their Mayweather-Mosley fight predictions heading into midweek.  The fight takes place this coming Saturday night.

"(Floyd) Mayweather will likely avoid (Shane) Mosley's knockout opportunities with his stellar defense and superior speed to record the unanimous decision win, but I will also say that I am expecting Mosley to catch Mayweather with some damaging blows in this bout - and it will be interesting to see how the often-idiotic Mayweather holds up when he realizes he fighting someone that isn't scared of him and can actually fight!" writes Charles Jay of

Jay is looking at one edge that truly favors Mosley, however.   It's something to consider before taking Mayweather at the current (and every steep) -450 price.


"I also want to warn boxing bettors about a gut that I've known for years that could totally turn the outcome of this fight in Mosley's favor - without ever stepping in the ring.

"Mosley's trainer, Nazim Richardson, a Philadelphia native like myself, is one of the most knowledgeable trainers to grace the sport in recent years and has led several fighters on to unprecedented greatness, most notably Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins.

"Richardson helped Hopkins beat Antonio Tarver, Winky Wright and Kelly Pavlik and is credited with devising the game plan that helped Mosley beat the snout out of Margarito last year.

"If Mosley sticks to Richardson's well-scripted plan, he could very well walk away victorious - and it wouldn't be that much of an upset in my estimation."

Mosley pays $250 for every $100 bet should he win.

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