Mayweather vs. Mosley Fight Odds

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Mayweather vs. Mosley Fight Odds

The latest Mayweather vs. Mosley fight odds as of Tuesday April 27, has Floyd Mayweather, Jr. as the -400 favorite while Mosley would pay out $300 for every $100 bet if he were to win at (see website here)

Round props for Mayweather vs. Mosley have the UNDER 11 ½ paying $250 for every $100 bet.

Below are your fight outcome odds:

Mosley by Decision or Technical Decision 7/4

Draw or Technical Draw 10/1

Mayweather Jr. by Decision or Technical Decision 1/2

aRound 1 Mosley win 56/1

bRound 2 Mosley win 20/1

cRound 3 Mosley win 20/1

dRound 4 Mosley win 30/1

eRound 5 Mosley win 15/1

fRound 6 Mosley win 15/1

gRound 7 Mosley win 15/1

hRound 8 Mosley win 15/1

iRound 9 Mosley win 10/1

jRound 10 Mosley win 10/1

kRound 11 Mosley win 18/1

lRound 12 Mosley win 20/1

mRound 1 Mayweather Jr. win 40/1

nRound 2 Mayweather Jr. win 40/1

oRound 3 Mayweather Jr. win 30/1

pRound 4 Mayweather Jr. win 30/1

qRound 5 Mayweather Jr. win 23/1

rRound 6 Mayweather Jr. win 23/1

sRound 7 Mayweather Jr. win 20/1

tRound 8 Mayweather Jr. win 18/1

uRound 9 Mayweather Jr. win 15/1

vRound 10 Mayweather Jr. win 15/1

wRound 11 Mayweather Jr. win 18/1

xRound 12 Mayweather Jr. win 23/1


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