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Ryan Garcia said he is retiring from pro boxing.

Nobody really believes him, or maybe they just don't believe he's in the right mind to say anything these days, but let's take a look at the options for his future if he really does hang up the gloves.

Our crew created odds for Garcia's next job, and the options are as ridiculous as the fighter himself.

Fashion designer is the heavy chalk with 1/2 (-200) odds. A prisoner (not sure how that's a job but ok I guess they work in the pen) and marijuana grower are the only other options with better than 10/1 odds.

The longshot on the board...Jake Paul's personal assistant. We can only hope.

Garcia job odds are subject to change and will be updated in real-time.

Ryan Garcia's Next Job             

Fashion designer                       1/2

Prisoner                                    5/1

Marijuana Cultivator/Owner      7/1

Cryptocurrency Creator             10/1

Porn Star                                  20/1

Marriage Counselor                  25/1

Pastor/Priest                             33/1

Chef                                         40/1

MLB Player                               50/1

MMA Fighter                            50/1

Chemist                                    100/1

President of LBGTQIA                100/1

Jake Paul's Personal Assistant    500/1


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