Pacquiao Says Mosley Will Beat Mayweather

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Tyrone Black
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Manny Pacquiao is planning to fight the winner of the Shane Mosley - Floyd Mayweather Jr. bout, and he believes he'll be stepping into the ring with Mosley. 

"I think Mosley will win," Manny Pacquiao declared on the Krystal Hart Show as quoted by  "I think Mayweather vs. Mosley will be a good fight," he said.

Mosley would pay out nearly $300 for every $100 bet at Sports (see website here)

Pacquiao also explained why his March 13 bout with Mayweather failed to materialize.

"I'm not concerned about the Money (that would have come in a fight vs. Mayweather). I'm concerned about what I can give in terms of my performance to the people who love boxing. My concern isn't only with myself, but with the people who buy tickets looking for a good fight," he said.

"I don't want to disappoint people with a boring fight. I feel you need to entertain the people who watch your fights."

Tyrone Black,

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