UFC Next Major Sports League To Fold Says Bookmaker

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Reports began circulating that the AFL would be halting operations last week, to the dismay of some fans. The news sparked debate and discussion regarding which league could potentially fold next, and what the chances were of one of the big four leagues folding.

With fans looking for answers, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, BetUS.com posted odds on which league would fold next.

Amazingly, the analysts at BetUS.com have made the UFC an even favorite to make an exit first. 

NASCAR was listed with the second shortest odds.  Somebody needs to stop smoking that crack pipe.  NASCAR is not going anywhere any time soon.  Nor is the UFC we suspect.

Odds on which league/body will fold next appear below and were available for betting at BetUS.com

Which League/Body will fold next?

UFC  1/1


WNBA  7/2

PGA  4/1

WWE  8/1

Which of the Big 4 Leagues will be the first to fold?

NHL  1/5

NBA  5/2

NFL  8/1

MLB  15/1

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