University of Virginia Football Players Arrested Stealing Beer From Gay Bar

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Don Shapiro
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Two University of Virginia football players have been arrested for stealing beer from a local gay bar. Both face larceny charges.

Offensive lineman Will Barker and redshirt freshman lineman Dave Roberts were picked up at Club 216 on Water Street at 3:45 Saturday morning. The two are alleged to have stolen beer from a cooler. has been all over this one:

Their school already has the gayest of all mascots - not that there's anything wrong with that - so why shouldn't two University of Virginia football players be arrested for stealing beer from a gay bar? Yep, it happened Saturday. But here's the problem: They tried to run and got caught; and then of course there's the one guy's hair. As I'm sure was heard more than once at the scene: You should have been robbing a salon, sweetie.

And, in fact, it's entirely possible that neither Club 216, the gay bar in question, is technically a "private club." This is a common dodge once employed by bars here in Atlanta: call yourself "a club," charge for a "membership fee" complete with card, and then stay open much later than public bars. Places like Club 216 often do a thriving business as after-hours bars, which likely explains why football players - not known for being models of forward-thinking tolerance of all lifestyles - would be there. They had beer, and they were open.

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