That's a Wrap, ICE, LAC Exit London, StatsDrone Takes Home Best Tech for Affiliates Award

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Aaron Goldstein
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ICE and LAC will be heading to Barcelona next year following a long stint in London that is proving to be too costly to continue holding there.


The event was attended by gambling affiliates and operators across the spectrum.

It culminated with a highly anticipated awards show in which our friends at StatsDrone were awarded "Best Tech for Affiliates".  Congrats to them.  The StatsDrone platform allows for monitoring of all daily affiliate stats in a single location.

"Over the past 2 years, we've put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears into StatsDrone," co-founder John Wright (AKA "The LinkedIN Guy") said.  ""It hasn't been an easy path being a startup that is trying to win and earn the trust of affiliates when they have other tools on the market they can use. I think one of our advantages is having experience on both sides of the fence in being an affiliate manager working with affiliates as well as running affiliate sites. We truly understand the pain points of running an affiliation business and the more we hear from affiliates, the more we learn of what we can improve.

"Winning the iGB Affiliate Award for Best Tech for Affiliates is just an amazing feeling given how much work went into this project. We have a great team of developers that enjoy the challenges of making a world class affiliate stats app. Our customers have given us a chance to try our software and share ideas and features they want to see developed. In the past year, we have been launching quite a few major product features and we continue to push the boundaries of innovation as we know we can make life easier for affiliates."

StatsDrone currently supports over a thousand affiliates.


"We are thrilled and honoured to receive the award for Best Tech for Affiliates," co-founder Darrell Helyar offered. "We have been focused on developing an exceptional tool for affiliates, saving them valuable time.  StatsDrone continues to offer amazing features, the most accurate data possible and customer service as our priority.  We pride ourselves in welcoming our customers on our journey and listening to their feedback, allowing us to evolve StatsDrone to meet their growing and unique needs.

"Thanks to all of our fantastic team; this is a team award!"

- Aaron Goldstein,

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