Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Engagement Odds Better Than Chiefs Winning Super Bowl

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Jordan Bach
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You're read it here first.  Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will (not) be getting engaged in 2024.  Well, at least that's what the oddsmakers are predicting.  And that's called "hedging".


BetOnline released their "50 Things That Could Happen in 2024" betting odds and Swift @ Kelce was likely to be among the most sought out we suspect.  In case you've been living under a rock these past few months, recording artist and Time "Person of the Year" Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce are the hottest most talked about celebrity couple on the planet right now.

The pair were coming in at 5-1 odds with a potential payout of $50 for every $10 bet or $500 for every $100 bet.

Consider that these odds are better than the Kansas Chiefs going to the Super Bowl.  Ouch!  The Chiefs were now at 9-1 odds.

Swift and Kelce rang in 2024 alongside each other after the Chiefs vs. Bengals Dec. 31 game.  The Grammy-winning singer and the NFL star, both 34, were later spotted sharing a passionate kiss as they rang in 2024 together at a Kansas City party.

Swift has appeared at many of this season's Chiefs games and Kelce has even made it to one of her concerts.

Kelce said back in November he has never dated anyone like Swift.

He called her "hilarious" and "a genius." "Obviously I've never dated anyone with that kind of aura about them. I've never dealt with it,"


We got more great odds for 2024 below.


What will happen in 2024?                  

DOW to hit record high                                     1/10

Global average temperature record high                        1/1

Gold to hit record high                                      3/2

The Bear to win Best Comedy Emmy                  2/1

Kanye West to file for divorce                            2/1

Meghan & Harry to lose their titles                    3/1

Scottie Scheffler to be Top 5 in The Masters       3/1

Swift & Kelce to split up                                     3/1

Bitcoin (BTC) to hit $55,000                               4/1

To be a new President                                       4/1

Adele & Rich Paul to announce pregnancy          5/1

Swift & Kelce to get engaged                             5/1

Dylan Mulvaney to marry                                  6/1

Global EV sales hit 10 million                             6/1

Porn site to Top 3 most visited                           6/1

Russia-Ukraine war ends                                   6/1

Willie Nelson to release a song                          6/1

Yoko Ono to release a single                              6/1

Adele & Rich Paul to marry                                8/1

Ethereum (ETH) to beat previous all-time high    8/1

Hajime Sorayama to sue Beyonce                      8/1

Jennifer Aniston & Jon Hamm to be a couple      8/1

Sean Diddy Combs to be convicted                    8/1

Tiger Woods to be Top 10 in any Major              8/1

Global population hits 8.2 billion                       10/1

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes to marry                 10/1

Vladimir Putin not be Russian President             10/1

Beyonce & Jay-z to split up                                12/1

Israel-Hammas war ends                                   12/1

National Treasure 3 to be released                    12/1

TIME to stop offering printed magazine             12/1

Tom Brady to play an NFL game                         12/1

Tucker Carlson to leave the US                           12/1

Dollar & GBP Sterling to share the same value    14/1

The Grinch 2 to be released                               14/1

Humans walk on the moon                                16/1

New King in the UK                                           20/1

Oceans 14 to be released                                  20/1

SpaceX to launch ship to the moon                    20/1

USA Today to stop offering printed newspaper   20/1

Bud Light to re-brand                                        25/1

Winner to drop Oscar statue on stage                25/1

Clooney & Amal to split                                     33/1

US government create own cryptocurrency        33/1

Donald Trump to go to prison                            50/1

China to declare war on the US                          100/1

Gemini surpasses Chat GPT userbase                 100/1

Alien attack on Earth                                         250/1

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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