Top 5 Finish Odds - 2023 Kentucky Derby

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Dan Shapiro
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It's tough to pick the winner of the Kentucky Derby.  Why not go for the Top 5 finishers and bet if your favorite horse will finish within the top 5.


Only Forte and Tapit Trice come in with a minus (-) line.  Forte was listed at -220.  This means you would bet $22 to win $10.  That $22 bet is returned just as long as the horse is a winner. A $44 bet results in a $20 profit.

Tapit Trice is a good pick.  You would bet close to even (-110).  Bet $11 to win $10 and get back that $11 just as long as Tapit Trice wins.

Nearly half the field of horses pay out $45 for every $10 bet to finish within the top 5.

Check out each horse's most recent record and whether they finished in the top 3 in most of their regular entries.

Top 5 Finish                 

Forte                            -220

Tapit Trice                    -110

Angel of Empire            +110

Practical Move              +150

Derma Sotogake           +175

Verifying                       +175

Kingsbarns                    +200

Mage                            +230

Skinner                         +300

Two Phil's                     +300

Confidence Game         +350

Disarm                         +450

Reincarnate                  +450

Hit Show                       +475

Rocket Can                   +600

Jace's Road                   +700

Continuar                     +800

Raise Cain                     +800

Sun Thunder                 +875

Lord Miles                    +900

- Dan Shapiro,

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