Fortnite Icon Tyler 'Ninja' has 'Gambling Addiction' According to Fellow Streamers

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Alistair Prescott
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Fortnite icon Tyler 'Ninja' was said to have a "gambling addiction" by some in the streaming community after photos of him were posted that show "Ninja" opening Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cases at Matthew "Nadeshot's" wedding.


Ninja is among the larger-than-life personalities on Twitch, boasting over 18.5 million followers on his channel.  Twitch has cracked down some on gambling in recent months though loot boxes, which have been highly scrutinized in the UK, appear to be okay with the streaming platform.

Other tweets followed with a discussion of the Fortnite star along with Dennis "Cloakzy" opening loot boxes while flying in a private jet.

Streamer Jake Lucky tweeted:

"Ninja is opening cases before Nadeshot’s wedding and Timthetatman was opening them on the private jet the way there."

Numerous followers responded that this was "addiction".

Knappers tweeted out: "It's a gambling addiction. They could buy any skin they want off the market yet they do this."

Hobbes tweeted:

"This is clearly gambling and should be marketed as such to your viewers. “Hobby” is a cop out of teaching safe gambling practices while promoting gambling."

chocoTaco tweeted:

"Cool let's all get addicted to gambling. streamers making content on this should be seen similarly to anyone streaming slots."

Huddy asked:

"What is more degenerate: Ninja ripping cases or Clock wearing a fucking hoodie and a backwards hat at a god damn wedding."

- Alistair Prescott,

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