What Are the Different Type of Online Casinos?

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Online gambling has provided a flawless gaming experience to millions of people worldwide for over two decades. They are constantly evolving to include the latest features that maintain a gamer's attention span for longer periods of time.  Some of us dinosaurs here at Gambling911.com still recall the old clunky download-only PC internet casinos.  PCs pretty much went the way of the dodo bird while laptop usage today only makes up around 15% of Gambling911.com's overall traffic numbers.  Mobile casinos are the way to go these days.

The one constant that has factored into the online casino experience since Day 1 is the ability to play for free.  Many free slot casinos have stepped forward towards online mode to provide their players with the best gaming experience. They are available in different variants that offer their players a unique experience.

Why Choose an Online Casino?

There is a common misconception that online casinos are rigged.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Today's top casino providers place their games through a rigorous testing process. What we end up with is the return-to-player or RTP.  Online this ranges anywhere from the mid-80's percentile to the high 90's. Some online casino providers offer better RTPs for certain games than their Vegas and other land-based counterparts.

An example of the RPT would be: A slot with a 95% rate-to-player pays 95 cents for every $1.00 you bet. Blackjack is actually closer to 98%.

Convenience is the other factor.  With mobile casinos you can now play from anywhere, including from a vehicle, the train, even on a plane.

Although they cannot provide the feel of slot machine sounds, the smell of currency and all that free alcohol like traditional casinos, the online games are fun to play thanks to special sound effects and high graphics.

Last but not least, you get high bonuses when you first start gambling, and online casinos occasionally offer different types of bonuses. Trusted casinos provide multiple payment methods, increased rewards, and easy withdrawal options.

Top 3 Types of Online Casinos

They can be categorized into three main groups depending on their interface and the way they are controlled.

Browser-Based Internet casinos

Online casinos, also known as virtual casinos, are easily accessible over the Internet. They are available as websites where users can play games without downloading any additional software or extensions. It provides all types of casino games like poker, bingo, blackjack, slot machines, and many others available in traditional ones. You need an internet connection and a device that can play the game's image, sound, and animation.

These casinos feature all the graphics, sounds, and animations uploaded on the website. The user needs to access and register to become a platform member. Players can log in to the gaming website through their browser again if they have left it for a long time.

Make sure the online casino is compatible with your particular device.

Live casinos

Live casinos are very similar to web casinos because they depend on websites. The only difference is that you can interact with real players as if they were in a physical casino. You can chat with them and even make voice calls while playing. These gaming sites consist of high-quality graphics, animations, different types of images, and sound effects to enhance the gaming experience. All these are uploaded on the Internet and can be accessed through any device. Here, you can find various online casino games similar to traditional ones.

Download-based online casinos

Casinos that use downloads must turn off additional software or betting extensions to play games. This software helps to connect to the casino service provider without browser support. Download-based casinos are usually faster than other casinos because the graphics and sound effects are pre-installed in the software. As a result, they don't require an internet connection to load the interface. However, the initial download and installation of the software takes time as it reads your information and gathers all the necessary sources.

The only problem with downloaded casinos is that there is always a risk of cyberattacks, as any download from the Internet can contain malware and spyware.

Top 4 Online Casino Games

Several games are available at online casinos, but only a few can attract a considerable number of people. Below are the top four online casino games where players usually find it easy to place bets.


The physical slot machine was first installed in Las Vegas and became popular due to the simplicity of the gameplay as much as possible. This game was later adopted by online casinos as well, which use animation, sound effects, and images to convey the feel of a real slot machine. These games are easy to play and understand and are designed with themes and aesthetics that make them more appealing. You may find that the most popular online gambling game is the slot machine available at every online casino. As previously noted, the RTP is typically around 95% online.


The second game on the list is a game that players are also called "twenty-one." It is one of the simplest forms of online gaming in which players compete against a croupier. It is a round table game in which the cards revolve around reaching 21 to win.  The RTP is often as high as 98%.


You have seen the game in movies such as James Bond, where a wheel with numbers of different colors rotates. Hence, these are the most popular games in both land-based and online casinos in today's world. In this game, the rules are elementary: you have to guess a number of a specific color. If your guess is correct, you will get a reward. The most significant advantage is that you can place multiple bets on the same number.  The average RTP for European Roulette is around 97.3 percent and American Roulette is 94.7 percent.


This is a card game that is very popular in casinos and if you are a regular reader of the Gambling911.com website you'll know that we devote a lot of time to covering poker players and the various tournaments. 

And it is the immense popularity of this game that has many online casinos organizing some of the biggest tournaments in the world.  It's not unusual to see poker sites and tournament organizers guaranteeing millions in a tournament.  In fact, the 2023 World Series of Poker proved to be record-setting in terms of attendance and payouts. 

Most of the bigger online poker sites do offer a free-to-play feature for both beginners and those players looking to hone their skills before sitting at a table with others to play for real money.

How to Choose an Online Casino

As mentioned above, online casinos are available in different types, and players must research to make the right decision.  Study the different casino game developers on the Net and you'll be able to find games that fit your needs.  Remember that there are developers now that have teamed up with film and television franchises.  The Wheel of Fortune and Indiana Jones titles are especially popular both online and in land-based casinos.  Additionally, free spins are among the biggest lure to reel in new customers as are welcome bonuses.

In 2024, you can probably guess what the next big thing is when it comes to online casinos.  That would be AI-generated games.  It's scary how fast this technology is taking hold of every day society and it's only a matter of time when web casinos go all-in with AI.

Another big thing already taking hold of the sector is blockchain technology.  Quite a few online casinos are billed as "bitcoin only" or a combination of both cryptocurrencies and traditional funding methods.  Bitcoin transactions can often take place within a two-hour window, both payouts and deposits.  They are also completely anonymous when using a wallet between the casino and bank-linked exchange. 

Check Out the Reviews of Other Players

The first step in determining the authenticity of an online casino is to check reviews from previous players. Reputable online casinos have positive thoughts and many customers. One trick we use at Gambling911.com for checking online reviews in all facets of life, whether it's online casinos, restaurants, hotels and the like, filter your results.  The worst of the worst often employ folks to post positive reviews that show up on top.  A simple scroll arrives at all those one star reviews.  The keyword here is "SCROLL".

Make Sure the Casino is Licensed

Secondly, ensuring the casino has a valid license is advisable to avoid fraudulent attacks.  Popular licensing gaming jurisdictions are Malta, Curacao and the Isle of Man.  Antigua was among the first online casino licensing jurisdictions. 

Online casinos are expanding faster than ever and becoming more technically advanced than in past decades. The market is growing as we can see more types of casinos in the future, including Virtual Reality.  At the time of this writing, VR hasn't quite caught on in the sector.

- B. E. Delmer, Gambling911.com

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