What Are the Payout Odds - 2024 F1 Japan Grand Prix?

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The Japanese Grand Prix is set to go off this Sunday April 7, the earliest the race has ever taken place in a calendar year.  Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen comes in as the -110 favorite while all other payout odds start at $700 on a $100 bet and go up to $25000.

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Japan has hosted the sport in April before, with the 1994 Pacific GP.  This will still be the earliest and typically the race in Japan takes place in the fall months.

It's easy to see why Verstappen would be favored here.  He was dominant in Japan last season, storming to pole position by six-tenths ahead of McLaren’s Oscar Piastri, who comes into this year's race at 20-1 odds.

Predicting Who Will Win the Japan Grand Prix

1996 F1 world champion Damon Hill has offered his own prediction for this year's race.

“I think this is going to be a big test for the competition against Red Bull at Suzuka,” Hill said on the F1 Nation Podcast. “I think this is really going to test the aero efficiency, tyre wear efficiency in the car as well.

“But Ferrari are quick in a straight line, and it is a lot of straight line, a lot of high-speed stuff in Suzuka, and what I really hope is that Ferrari are able to take the race to Red Bull during the actual race itself.

“I think qualifying will still see Max on pole by probably a similar amount, two tenths, maybe three tenths or something like that.

“The question is whether Ferrari have got good tyre deg, and we’ll be watching the FP1/2/3 on that one, to get some clues. But you have to say, the question is always going to be asked, did they win in Melbourne because Max broke down? We’ll never know the answer – so we need to get them to beat Max in a straight race.

“Once that happens, and I think they’re getting close – I think we’re getting close to that. “And that may be wishful thinking on my part, not because I don’t want Max to win anything, I just want to see some racing, and I want to see a championship open up.

“But if they do, wow, that would be really shocking for the whole of Formula 1, because it means that something can be done about this Red Bull runaway.”

Hill expects McLaren’s challenge to only strengthen in Japan, given their prowess in high-speed corners and general progress since Bahrain.

“They are making progress and looking more and more solid with every race that goes by,” Hill added.

“They weren’t happy with their first race at Bahrain and they were saying that they’ve got some changes, but they learned a lot in that first race.

“I think they’re gradually making some progress. They were strong, although they were unhappy with Saudi Arabia with their speed. They got their setup, I think, wrong for the aero setup for Saudi, but they seem to have got things in the sweet spot for Melbourne.”

Odds to Win the Japanese Grand Prix 2024

*How to read the odds: +700 means that a $100 bet pays out $700.

101     Max Verstappen         -110
102     Carlos Sainz         +700
103     Charles Leclerc         +700
104     Lando Norris         +850
105     Sergio Perez         +1200
106     Fernando Alonso         +2000
107     George Russell         +2000
108     Lewis Hamilton         +2000
109     Oscar Piastri         +2000
110     Yuki Tsunoda         +2200
111     Kevin Magnussen         +3300
112     Nico Hulkenberg         +3300
113     Lance Stroll         +6600
114     Alex Albon         +10000
115     Ayumu Iwasa         +12500
116     Esteban Ocon         +25000
117     Guanyu Zhou         +25000
118     Logan Sargeant         +25000
119     Pierre Gasly         +25000
120     Valtteri Bottas         +25000
All wagers have action.

F1 Japan Grand Prix : Top 3 Practice 1

Rot     Top 3 Practice 1 F1 Japan Grand Prix     Moneyline
201     Max Verstappen         -250
202     Carlos Sainz         -105
203     Charles Leclerc         -105
204     Lando Norris         +160
205     Sergio Perez         +240
206     Fernando Alonso         +450
207     George Russell         +450
208     Lewis Hamilton         +450
209     Oscar Piastri         +450
210     Yuki Tsunoda         +1400
211     Kevin Magnussen         +2000
212     Nico Hulkenberg         +2000
213     Lance Stroll         +2500
214     Alex Albon         +2800
215     Ayumu Iwasa         +2500
216     Esteban Ocon         +4000
217     Guanyu Zhou         +4000
218     Logan Sargeant         +4000
219     Pierre Gasly         +4000
220     Valtteri Bottas         +4000

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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