What Are the Payouts Each 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Series?

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The Stanley Cup Playoffs field is set, and we know there will be some upsets throughout the tournament starting Saturday.

Below are the current odds for each of the opening-round playoff series. Additionally, the latest Stanley Cup odds are also below.

New York Islanders +290

Carolina Hurricanes -360   

Note: Odds suggest the Hurricanes have a 78.3% chance of winning the series.


Winnipeg Jets +110

Colorado Avalanche -130   

Note: Odds suggest the Avalanche have a 56.5% chance of winning the series.


Toronto Maple Leafs +110

Boston Bruins -130

Note: Odds suggest the Bruins have a 56.5% chance of winning the series.


Washington Capitals +335

New York Rangers -415

Note: Odds suggest the Rangers have an 80.6% chance of winning the series.


Tampa Bay Lightning +175

Florida Panthers -205

Note: Odds suggest the Panthers have a 67.2% chance of winning the series.


Stanley Cup                 

Carolina Hurricanes                   7/1

Dallas Stars                               8/1

Edmonton Oilers                       8/1

Florida Panthers                        8/1

Colorado Avalanche                  9/1

New York Rangers                     9/1

Vegas Golden Knights                11/1

Boston Bruins                           12/1

Toronto Maple Leafs                 14/1

Vancouver Canucks                   14/1

Winnipeg Jets                           14/1

Tampa Bay Lightning                 20/1

Los Angeles Kings                      25/1

Nashville Predators                   35/1

New York Islanders                   50/1

Washington Capitals                 100/1  

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