What You Need to Know About MOBA, FPS eSports Betting

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Some know exactly what eSports betting entails. Other have no idea, which is why we’re writing this blog to introduce everybody to the wonderful world of eSports betting.  


The first thing to know about eSports betting? In many ways it’s just like betting on a football, basketball, baseball, or hockey game. The difference lies in the many options available to you, the sports bettor. 

Check out why eSports has become a popular pastime as well as why you should consider betting on eSports. 

What is eSports? 

The “e” in eSports stands for “electronic”. So an eSport is any sport-like competition that involves an electronic element. To put it more simply, eSports are sports in the form of video games. 

So imagine a sport taking place in a video game. The players are those controlling the characters in the game. An example would be if your buddies show up, turn on your Xbox, and start playing Madden. 

One of your buddies decides to play with the Steelers, your other buddy plays with the Ravens. Your friends aren’t playing a real football game. They are controlling each team in a video game. 

All eSports are like this. One team is made up of a few players, or controllers. The other team is made up of different players or controllers. 

The betting element comes into play if you decide to back one of your friends in the Madden video game.  

What is MOBA eSports betting? 

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. We call games that take place in a battle arena MOBA eSports games. 

The two most popular MOBA eSports games are League of Legends and Dota 2. Annually, the best Dota 2 teams in the world compete in The International. The prize pool for The International often exceeds $20 million.  

In MOBA eSports betting, we choose a team to beat their opponent. Odds are the same as if we were betting on a baseball moneyline. All you must do is choose which team you wish to win. 

What is FPS eSports betting?  

FPS stands for First Person Shooter. First Person Shooter eSports betting isn’t much different than MOBA eSports betting.  

The play is much different in first person shooters. Each player controls an FPS throughout the game. Top FPS eSports games include Counter Strike: CS:GO and Valorant. A distance third is Overwatch.  

Like for Dota 2 and League of Legends, Counter Strike: CS:GO, Valorant, and Overwatch eSports betting is no different than betting a moneyline in a football, baseball, hockey or basketball game. 

Why should traditional sports handicappers consider betting eSports? 

There are several reasons to make eSports wagers. Check out the top five: 

1. Betting options – Esports matches happen daily. You mustn’t wait for the weekend to bet on eSports matches.  

2. Available information – A quick search on the team you want to back or match you wish to bet will yield plenty of actionable information.  

3. Competitive odds – Think of eSports more like the UFC than something like the NFL. In UFC matches, underdogs almost always have a chance. 

Don’t get us wrong. There are plenty of super power eSports teams. But there are so many matches every week that the value player can be patient and look for the top plays. 

Games like League of Legends, Counter Strike: CS:GO, and Dota 2 are ultimate team games. To win, your team must work together, which opens the door for overlay plays. 

If you do your homework you can find several overlay plays in eSports every day much less every week.   

4. eSports is growing – Esports is more popular in Asian countries and Europe than it is in the United States. But that’s not a bad thing.  

It’s popularity is growing in the U.S. Almost as important? Oddsmakers have the same information as you do.  

There is no such thing as inside info when it comes to eSports. No inside info means you can enter the world eSports betting on the same level as more experienced eSports bettors.   

- B.E. Delmer, Gambling911.com

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