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Following the subpar performance of the LA Angels in 2023 and the conclusion of the season on November 1 with the Texas Rangers winning the World Series, Shohei Ohtani officially became a free agent as of Thursday morning November 2 at 9 am ET.

SportsBetting.ag continues to adjust and odds on 29 teams' chances to land Ohtani's services with that other Los Angeles team, the Dodgers, having the second shortest odds at 4-1.  The most recent odds were updated on November 29.


The Yankees led the pack at 3-1 odds.

And SportsBetting.ag oddsmakers do believe he'll be traded, despite his market appeal and the boost in ticket sales for Angels home games.  They have him as a -300 favorite to be traded.

There is a tremendous downside for any team that trades for Ohtani.  Sure he's earning $30 million but, because the Japanese phenom is an impending free agent, Ohtani might opt to go elsewhere once this season concludes.  That probably won't happen if he lands on a big market team like the Yankees or Dodgers. 

Back in March, the Mets (3-1) and Cubs (5-1) were the favorites. Now, the Yankees and Dodgers are favored.

The team least likely to trade for the two-way phenom is the pitiful Oakland Athletics.

For his part on July 21, the MLB mega star said this week he is only focusing on the Angels playoff run, thus dispelling rumors of a trade.

Ohtani claimed to barely notice all the attention surrounding talks of a trade as the media swarmed him following another stellar performance.

"That did not cross my mind at all," Ohtani, speaking through Mizuhara, said when asked if he thought about the possibility of this being his final home start in an Angels uniform. "Obviously I'm part of the Angels at this moment. I feel like we're in a decent spot to make a playoff run, so I just try not to really think about that."

You can compare all of the odds from three months ago to the current ones below.

Will Shohei Ohtani be traded before the 2023 deadline?

Yes -300

No +200

(Note: Odds imply a 75% probability Ohtani will be traded)


Shohei Ohtani Next Contract Amount

Over/Under 549.5M


Shohei Ohtani Next Team (Updated November 29)                                          

Los Angeles Dodgers                 2/7                   (-350)

Chicago Cubs                            7/2                   (+350)

Texas Rangers                           7/1                  

Toronto Blue Jays                      8/1                  

San Francisco Giants                 12/1                

Boston Red Sox                         14/1                

New York Yankees                     16/1                

New York Mets                         25/1                

Atlanta Braves                          30/1                

Seattle Mariners                       35/1                

Philadelphia Phillies                  40/1                

Baltimore Orioles                      50/1                

Miami Marlins                          50/1                

San Diego Padres                      50/1                

Milwaukee Brewers                  66/1                

Arizona Diamondbacks              75/1                

Cleveland Guardians                 75/1                

Colorado Rockies                      75/1                

Detroit Tigers                            75/1                

Tampa Bay Rays                        75/1                

Chicago White Sox                    80/1                

Cincinnati Reds                         80/1                

Houston Astros                         80/1                

Kansas City Royals                     80/1                

Pittsburgh Pirates                     80/1                

St. Louis Cardinals                     80/1                

Minnesota Twins                       100/1              

Oakland Athletics                      100/1              

Washington Nationals               100/1              



Shohei Ohtani Next Team (Odds on November 13)

Los Angeles Dodgers                 1/1

Chicago Cubs                            3/1

San Francisco Giants                 6/1

New York Mets                         15/2

Boston Red Sox                         9/1

Texas Rangers                           9/1

New York Yankees                     10/1

Seattle Mariners                       14/1

Philadelphia Phillies                  20/1

San Diego Padres                      20/1

Toronto Blue Jays                      25/1

Atlanta Braves                          30/1

Cincinnati Reds                         40/1

Houston Astros                         40/1

Miami Marlins                          40/1

St. Louis Cardinals                     40/1

Arizona Diamondbacks              50/1

Cleveland Guardians                 50/1

Colorado Rockies                      50/1

Detroit Tigers                            50/1

Milwaukee Brewers                  66/1

Minnesota Twins                       66/1

Tampa Bay Rays                        66/1

Washington Nationals               66/1

Baltimore Orioles                      80/1

Chicago White Sox                    80/1

Kansas City Royals                     80/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                     80/1

Oakland Athletics                      100/1


Shohei Ohtani Next Team (Odds on July 17)

New York Yankees                     3-1

Los Angeles Dodgers                 4-1

New York Mets                         6-1

San Francisco Giants                 7-1

Seattle Mariners                       7-1

Atlanta Braves                          9-1

San Diego Padres                      9-1

Cincinnati Reds                         14-1

St. Louis Cardinals                     14-1

Toronto Blue Jays                      14-1

Texas Rangers                           16-1

Chicago Cubs                            18-1

Philadelphia Phillies                  20-1

Boston Red Sox                         25-1

Colorado Rockies                      25-1

Detroit Tigers                            25-1

Miami Marlins                          25-1

Arizona Diamondbacks              28-1

Cleveland Guardians                 33-1

Houston Astros                         33-1

Minnesota Twins                       40-1

Milwaukee Brewers                  45-1

Chicago White Sox                    50-1

Tampa Bay Rays                        55-1

Washington Nationals               66-1

Baltimore Orioles                      80-1

Kansas City Royals                     80-1

Pittsburgh Pirates                     80-1

Oakland Athletics                      100-1


Shohei Ohtani Next Team (Odds on March 6)

New York Mets                         3-1

Chicago Cubs                            5-1

Los Angeles Dodgers                 6-1

New York Yankees                     6-1

San Diego Padres                      6-1

Atlanta Braves                          10-1

St. Louis Cardinals                     12-1

Houston Astros                         20-1

Philadelphia Phillies                  20-1

San Francisco Giants                 20-1

Toronto Blue Jays                      20-1

Cleveland Guardians                 25-1

Miami Marlins                          25-1

Boston Red Sox                         33-1

Chicago White Sox                    33-1

Milwaukee Brewers                  33-1

Seattle Mariners                       33-1

Texas Rangers                           33-1

Minnesota Twins                       40-1

Arizona Diamondbacks              50-1

Tampa Bay Rays                        50-1

Washington Nationals               50-1

Baltimore Orioles                      75-1

Cincinnati Reds                         75-1

Colorado Rockies                      75-1

Detroit Tigers                            75-1

Kansas City Royals                     75-1

Oakland Athletics                      75-1

Pittsburgh Pirates                     75-1

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