Will Mitch Wishnowsky Punt a Touchback Super Bowl Prop Bet Payout

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Don Shapiro
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San Francisco 49ers punter Mitch Wishnowsky punting a touchback would pay out $425 for every $100 bet.


As far as punts being returned for touchdowns in a Super Bowl, don't bet on it.

To date, ten kickoffs have been returned for touchdowns in the Super Bowl but none have been on a punt.

Any punt returned for a touchdown does pay out $1000 on a $100 bet, if you do choose to place a wager.  A kick returned for a punt pays out $1400.  Block punts pay $2400.

The blocked punt actually has better odds on that there have been three Super Bowls featuring a blocked punt.

"It makes sense given there have only been 55 Super Bowls. Only 10 punts were blocked or returned for a touchdown this season out of more than 2,000 punts, so you are looking at one in every 200 punts being a TD," Jacob Blangsted-Barnor, FOX Bet commercial manager said when asked back im 2022. "If we assume roughly seven punts per game over 55 Super Bowls — so roughly 350 punts — it's not a huge shock to see that it's not happened yet."

As for most punts in a Super Bowl, that record belongs to the New York Giants.  They kicked the most punts by a team in a Super Bowl, with 11 punts in Super Bowl XXXV versus the Ravens on January 28, 2001.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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