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SiGMA Undercover: G911 Investigates if it is Worth Affiliates Coming to Malta

While many affiliates were actually flown into Malta to partake in the third annual Summit of iGaming Malta (SiGMA) without having to pay a dime, Gambling911 attended the old fashion tried and true method… We sneaked in using an assumed identity. 

Important Information About Point Spreads And Money Lines

As you well know, running a bookie business is not an easy thing. There are many things that you must keep learning every day.  While many of these things that you should learn every other day are aimed at helping you get to profit from your pay per head bookie site, there are those whose aim is to help improve service delivery.

Run Your Betting Business Much Better Using Pay Per Head

Perhaps, the greatest challenge bookies have is to ascertain good betting software. It is a big challenge to many because quite a number have since quit the business. On your part, you need pay per head bookie software.

Sigma2017 Malta Day 1 Agenda

For those in Malta at this year’s Sigma2017 the official full Day 1 kicks off Thursday Thanksgiving Day (for those who celebrate in the USA)

Las Vegas Shooting: Negligence Lawsuits Filed With 450 Plaintiffs

Four new negligence cases have been filed on behalf of more than 450 victims in the Las Vegas mass shooting last month.

Finding The Ideal PPH For Your Bookie Business

In every business, it is not only a good thing to make wise decisions but also a very important thing. If you decide wisely, you’ll thrive, but if otherwise, you’ll fail terribly. That is why you need pay per head bookie software.

Get Ready for SiGMA

SiGMA, now among the top online gambling affiliate conferences, is due to officially kick off Wednesday with a pre-registration cocktail gathering.  The conference and expo hall opens Thursday.

Casino Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Breaks Three Ribs in Fall

Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson missed the Venetian Macao’s 10th anniversary celebration following a gruesome fall Monday evening that left the 84-year-old with three broken ribs.

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What the Bookies are Saying: Alabama vs. Auburn

What the Bookies are Saying: Alabama vs. Auburn

Resident bookmaking expert Tony Caliente discusses Saturday’s 3:30 pm EST game NFL game between the Crimson Tide and Tigers.

Most Bet on Sides November 24

Most Bet on Sides November 24

College Football, NFL and Soccer in full swing this weekend and we have your top exposures.

Bookie Tips: Set Your Sportsbook Up For The 2017 NFL Playoffs

Bookie Tips: Set Your Sportsbook Up For The 2017 NFL Playoffs

: It’s NFL Week 12.Which means pay per head agents should be setting their sportsbook for the 2017 NFL Playoffs. Find out the best way to do so right here.

Chargers vs. Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Betting Odds

This Chargers vs. Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game may be rendered meaningless though both teams are technically still in the Playoffs picture we suppose.

Vikings vs. Lions Thanksgiving Day Betting Odds

The Vikings vs. Lions Thanksgiving Day game could prove critical with Detroit just two games behind their division rival.  I win here will get them closer to the NFC North lead.  

2017 Thanksgiving College Football | 2 Fantastic Predictions

Thanksgiving always brings a busy week in sports and college football is no exception. This year we have one fantastic game on Thanksgiving Day with Ole Miss vs. Mississippi St. and then Friday brings more than a handful of good games along with two top 25 games.