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Sit & Go 2.0 

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  • While the rules in poker gameplay for Sit & Go 2.0 are exactly the same as a standard Sit & Go, what makes it exciting is what happens before the cards are shuffled-up and dealt.


  • The game begins with the dealer dealing out 9 cards, face down around the table. The player to the left of the dealer button then begins by revealing their card. A red card means stop, and a black card means go.


  • If the color is red, the prize pool stays the same as outlined during registration. The cards are then shuffled and the regular sit and go resumes.


  • But, if the player reveals a black card, the prize pool increases and the next player reveals their card. With each black card that is revealed, the prize pool and number of players paid increases significantly. The prize pool keeps increasing until a red card is revealed. Unlike a regular Sit and Go, where there’s a set prize pool for every game, the prize pool for 2.0 games have yet to be determined, adding an element of chance to each game!

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